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Permethrin and tetramethrin are non natural, non organic controls of pest populations. They share membership in the same chemical control group, the pyrethroids. They control insect populations by attacking each individual insect's nervous system. They're particularly effective against such stubborn pests as cockroaches and mosquitoes.

But there are differences between the two. Permethrin is considered to be of low toxicity to mammals. It's absorbed poorly by the skin. In contrast, tetramethrin is very potent.

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What type of chemicals, in general, do ant exterminators use?

There are quite a few different types of chemicals that can be used for ant extermination. A few examples of some active chemical ingredients would be tetramethrin and permethrin.

What chemicals are typically used for pest control?

Pyrethrins are often used to control fleas. Permethrin can be used to control bedbugs, and Tetramethrin is good for mosquito control.

What is the chemical formula of tetramethrin?


What does permethrin do to insects?

permethrin effects the digestive system of insects.

Can tetramethrin kill you?

Not likely if appropriately used it one of the more common pesticides and least toxic.

Do you need a prescription for permethrin creme?

You can buy permethrin over the counter at a %1 strength which is strong enough to kill lice but the kind of permethrin (%5 strength) that cures scabies you need a prescription for

Will permethrin kill crickets?

Permethrin will kill crickets that are in the area where it is sprayed. It does not keep crickets from coming back to that area though.

Can Permethrin Cream be used for psoriasis?


Can you use sulfur for scabies?


Will permethrin kill yellow jackets?

Permethrin does kill yellow jackets as well as hornets, ground bees, wasps, and other stinging insects. You can discourage yellow jackets from nesting in trees and shrubbery around your yard by spraying them with permethrin as well.

Can you use permethrin to kill wasps?

yes you can

Is it ok to use Permethrin for pubic lice?

Yes, Permethrin is a drug that is specifically designed to treat lice and scabies. The brand name of this drug is Nix.

Where can you get permethrin?

As a synthetic insecticide, permethrin is found in many spray on insect protection products. Check with your local hardware store or drug store for such products.

What is permethrin cream used for?

Permethrin cream is used to treat scabies also known as Norwegian scabies. Scabies is an contagious skin infection caused by mites.

Should children use Permethrin?

Permethrin is safe for children so long as it is sufficiently attached to the clothing it's applied to. Once this is the case it is unlikely to be absorbed.

If you had a stink bug what would you feed them?

Permethrin ;o)

Where to buy permethrin 5 percent otc?


What cleaning agent best neutralizes permethrin?


Why is permethrin the preferred treatment for head lice?

Permethrin is considered preferable for head lice because lindane is absorbed through the skin and may produce symptoms of neurotoxicity.

How regular can you use Permethrin cream without side effects?

Permethrin is designed to kill insects and other non-mammals. It is not very toxic for humans. It is also poorply absorbed through the skin. Maybe taking a bath in concentrated permethrin could kill you, but any permethrin cream designed for use in humans probably has very little chance of doing anything that is not designed to. (Especially if you follow the directions). -Zach

What new medication is effective in treating permethrin-resistant lice?

Ovide, a newer medication containing malathion, appears to be effective in treating patients with permethrin-resistant lice.

How can you prevent vector borne diseases?

Have uniforms treated with permethrin

Can you buy 5 percent permethrin cream over the counter?


Does permethrin kill fleas?

if it rains will this still work on outside flees

Can you buy permethrin cream over the counter?

No. It's illegal and stupid.