What are permethrin and tetramethrin?


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Permethrin and tetramethrin are non natural, non organic controls of pest populations. They share membership in the same chemical control group, the pyrethroids. They control insect populations by attacking each individual insect's nervous system. They're particularly effective against such stubborn pests as cockroaches and mosquitoes.

But there are differences between the two. Permethrin is considered to be of low toxicity to mammals. It's absorbed poorly by the skin. In contrast, tetramethrin is very potent.


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There are quite a few different types of chemicals that can be used for ant extermination. A few examples of some active chemical ingredients would be tetramethrin and permethrin.

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Pyrethrins are often used to control fleas. Permethrin can be used to control bedbugs, and Tetramethrin is good for mosquito control.

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permethrin effects the digestive system of insects.

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Not likely if appropriately used it one of the more common pesticides and least toxic.

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You can buy permethrin over the counter at a %1 strength which is strong enough to kill lice but the kind of permethrin (%5 strength) that cures scabies you need a prescription for

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