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There is sooo much fun stuff to do in Germany. if you are 16 or older, go bar-hopping all nite long, in a different city everynite ;p

If you're there with family and whatnot, then there is also a lot to do. All the big cities are interesting to look at, walk around in. There are tons of little street cafes, museeums, and other stuff like that.

Germany will rock your socks!!

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The Germans have all the usual European past-times. Hiking and music used to be, perhaps still are, particularly popular.

A uniquely German activity (well, I guess I don't know for sure about other European countries) is swimming at the "Baggerseen." (man-made lakes made as a result of mining)

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Soccer, Football,Basketball and many other sports are played in Germany, most of them are the same sports played in Canada

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Q: What are popular activities in Germany?
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