What are preppy guys?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Preppy guys are, of course, guys who are "preppy" or follow the stereotype of those who attend preparatory schools.

  • They wear respectable brand name clothes such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Lacoste, The North Face, J. Crew, Hickey Freeman, Peter Millar, J. Press, Southern Tide, and Vineyard Vines. <- NOT b/c Vineyard Vines is a poser brand.
  • They wear clothes that come in classic colors, such as pink, sky blue, lime green, Nantucket red, or yellow, buying clothes that have colors that match well and look good on them.
  • They're friendly and outgoing, trying to make friends, smile and be polite no matter who they're speaking to or whatever the situation.
  • They believe in "old money" (inherited antiques - maybe rings or "cool" earrings for boys), quality of breeding (if your intelligent and healthy, your of excellent breeding and your of poor breeding if your academically unsuccessful and a little on the chubby side) etc. However, they are in no way elitist or snobby. Some may be this way, but others will just smile and try to be friends with everyone.
  • Despite being confident, friendly and outgoing - they reflect their personality via the clothes they wear. They show their worth by "looking good" in bright colored clothing, maintaining a high academic standard and being fit and healthy.
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Q: What are preppy guys?
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Are rich white students preppy? I graduated from Culver and I assure you it is preppy

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