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Serious blood problems! I have a frind who has had that done and she died of serious blood problems!!

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โˆ™ 2006-03-24 01:55:19
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Q: What are problems associated with having your spleen removed?
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Should you drink alcohol after having spleen removed?

may be

What are the Risks in not having a spleen?

Your spleen filters your blood and gets rid of old blood cells. If you have had your spleen surgically removed then over time your liver will start to take over these functions.

Can a spleen grow back once it is removed?

Spleen does not grow back, once it is removed. You have to remove spleen, say in hypersplenism.

Can a dog live with its spleen removed?

Yes, a dog can live with it's spleen removed.

When is the spleen removed during a pancreatectomy?

If the disease affects the splenic artery or vein, the spleen is also removed.

What is removed in a splenectomy?

The spleen.

What causes spleen problems?

Spleen itself ;p

Can you break your spleen?

Yes, and it is called a 'ruptured spleen'. Accidents that apply trauma to the abdominal area often rupture the spleen, and it must then be removed by surgery because the spleen is a repository for blood and someone can bleed out internally if the spleen isn't removed. You can live without your spleen just fine, by the way.

Can you join the military with your spleen removed?

Yes you can

Dog with its spleen removed?

Dogs have there spleens removed, what do you need to know?

Does the spleen cause problems?

It can

Can you play football without a spleen?

Yes, you can. It seems alright to continue any sport with the spleen removed. The prime researched impediments of a removed spleen seem to be the predispostion to heart disease and things like pneumonia, etc.

Can you drink without a spleen?

Not having a spleen will not prevent drinking. The spleen holds extra blood in case of need.

If the spleen is removed what organ compenstae for its function?

the liver

Spleen problems?

I have pain and swelling under my left rib, gas and nausea. Is it my spleen??

What happens when your spleen is removed?

Your spleen is simply a blood reservoir so when it is removed if you ever get cut or bleed alot you have a more likely chance of suffering hypoperfusion eg: shock..

Can you have surgery on your spleen?

it is possible to have surgery on a spleen, you can also have your spleen removed but only if its due to something serious, like a blood disorder etc.......the main 2 organs to ever get removed from humans is the appendix (appendicitis) and the gallbladder (mainly due to gallstones)

Can spleen stone be removed by medicines?

Medication may be prescribed for treatment of spleen stones. Drinking plenty of fluids is also another treatment to flush out the spleen stones.

What is The section of the large intestine associated with the spleen?

transverse colon

How are harmful organism removed from your lymph?

the spleen and the lymph nodes

You had low blood platelets and had your spleen removed and now it may be be that your spleen is regrowing what is the likelyhood of this occurring?

Is not going to happen. NEVER!

Can you drink alcohol once your spleen is removed?

Yes My spleen is Gone and I drink all the time and I'm still alive

Does ruptured spleen heal itself?

Ruptured spleen does not heal itself. You have to go for surgical repair. Ruptured portion has to be removed.

What are the affects of alchol consumption with no spleen?

The spleen doesn't metabolize alcohol, the liver does. So not having a spleen won't change how you react to alcohol.

Can part of the spleen be removed?

Yes. A person can live without part or all of the spleen. It is somewhat important in fighting off infections.