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Plastic bags themselves have no harmful effects - the polymer itself, low density polythene, is perfectly safe, it's stable, non reactive, and non toxic. The problems that are frequently attributed to plastic bags (littering, the fact that they get entangled in trees, the fact that animals sometimes try to eat them and choke on them, the fact that they can end up in the sea and harm marine life) is nothing to do with the fact that they are plastic bags. It is entirely due to the fact that people don't handle them properly!

You can take any substance, or item, however safe it might be, and handle it in a completely irresponsible way, and you will have problems, but that isn't the fault of the substance or item, is it?

Carelessly throw hot coffee over someone and there will be harmful effects. Does that mean we should ban coffee?

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now a days most of the people use plastic bags. But according to me they should be avoided because when they are burned in open area then it makes the problems for living beings on earth. when plastic bags are burn on open surface it produce co2 which effect on ozone layer.

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polution marine life consuming it and dieing

it never fully decomposes it just breaks into smaller pieces

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Q: What are problems caused by plastic bags?
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What does the supermarket help to reduce the problems with plastic carrier bags?

they charge for the plastic bags hoping you will reuse your old ones

Name the pollution produced by plastic bags?

The pollution caused by burning plastic bags are as follows: CARBON MONOXIDE,Colroufloroucarbons/CFC's & Carbon Dioxide

How does poly bags if diposed carelesly can cause problems?

If anything is disposed of improperly or carelessly, it can cause problems. My problem with the disposal of plastic bags and poly bags has more to do with how it is being disposed as opposed to what is being disposed. Unfortunately, there is a lot of chatter concerning the banning of plastic shopping bags and poly bags. I think this is a very bad idea. It will destroy US jobs. Less than 1% of all plastic waste in landfills is attributed to plastic bags. We put more plastic based products into our bags at the supermarket than the plastic bags themselves. Reusable / recyclable bags are the only answer along with strict recycling laws. You can purchase a wide array of plastic bags, paper bags, poly bags, shopping bags, grocery bags, non woven tote bags at

What have shops done to reduce the number of plastic bags used?

they have stopped using them by using jute bags , increased awareness of pollution caused by them

Do degradable plastic bags create any environmental problems?

Some. types like Oxo-degradable, oxo-biodegradable, oxy-degradable, oxy-biodegradable, and degradable plastic(bags) are harmful.For they are merely plastic with a chemical additive.

What are facts about paper bags?

Paper bags are enviromental friendly. They do not pollute the ground or the air of water. But plastic bags if buried can pollute the soil and ground water. Animals are also affected by plastic bags. If they eat it they die due to suffocation. There are no problems about paper bags. Even if anyone eats it., there is no harm in that.

How do you destroy plastic bags?

we can destroy plastic bags by recycling.

How do you control problems caused by plastic?

Nasir City Cairo Egypt

Are plastic shipping bags still being made?

Plastic shipping bags are still being made. Biodegradable plastic and degradable plastic bags are much friendlier to the environment than just regular plastic bags.

How does poly bags if disposed pf carelessly cause problems to animals and drainage system?

If poly bags are recycled correctly they are 100% recyclable. If they are not disposed of properly animals can eat the plastic or become entangled in the plastic.

Which can support more paper or plastic bags?

Plastic bags can support more weight but paper bags can support more items