What are proles in 1984?

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"Prole" is short for Proletariat. In Nineteen Eighty-Four, the proles are the section of society that are unaware of the dystopian elements of their world. They are distracted by simple, unimportant matters such as the lottery, and are more concerned with emotions as opposed to politics. They make up 85% of the population within Nineteen Eighty-Four, and could potentially overthrow Big Brother. Winston believes this will happen one day, when they wake up to their situation and take action.

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Q: What are proles in 1984?
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Who wrote the words that the proles sing in 1984?


In the book 1984 what are the proles?

The proles are described as 'free people' and animals. They represent the majority of the population in Oceania. The name proles comes from the word 'proletariat' which represents the workers class in Communist Societies.

What are the three social classes in 1984?

Inner Party, Outer Party and the Proles.

Why does the inner party provide the spectacle for the Proles?

The Inner Party provided the spectable for the Proles in "1984" because the party members were thought to be taken care of by the government, while the proles were left to their own devices in caring for themselves.

In the book 1984 what ways do proles entertain themselves?

The proles watch a form of pornoggraphy. They enjoy themselfs and don"t ask questions. This is how the governemnt wants it

What does Winston believe the proles have retained but the party members have lost in 1984?

Buckley is watching you!

What does Winston write which resides in the prols George Orwell 1984?

Hope for rebellion resides in the proles

What three groups of people have always existed in the book 1984?

Inner Party, Outer Party and the Proles

How does Winston view the proles in the book 1984?

W.Smith looks down upon the Proles and yet he also hopes that they will realize their power by overthrowing the government through revolution and , by so doing , create a better government .

When was Mitromorpha proles created?

Mitromorpha proles was created in 1922.

In the book 1984 the central concern for proles is?

The proles are kept in a state of political ignorance by a contast supply of meaningless entertainment. As a result, their only real concerns are small matters. However, the apparent war is a serious concern to them.

How does Winston view the proles?

Just as the quote goes "Only the proles are free" and if there's hope, it lies in the proles. Winston knows that the only one that are free from the monitor of the party are the proles. Hence he viewed them as the only hope for freedom. However, the proles are not really concerned about this.

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