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What are properties of Quiana nylon?

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it is not the answer

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Different properties between nylon 6nylon 66?

Is there any difference? nylon 6 and nylon 66 they are both nylon so...

When was Quiana Grant born?

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What physical properties of nylon and leather make them good materials to use for shoelaces?

The physical properties of nylon and leather that make them good materials for shoelaces is that they are both durable and flexable

What are the properties nylon?

Heat resistanceFlexibleDries quickly

What unique name was made for polyester?


What properties does nylon have?

nylon is a silky material. it was first used as a subsititute for silk and is one part silk and two parts plastic.

Why is nylon so flammable?

yes nylon is very flammable becasue it is made up of all different flammable properties. lol N - nylon Y - yes L - lovely O - old N - nylon ................................ IS FREAKY FLAMMABLE

Why is gore-tex laminated with nylon?

Mainly to make it waterproof. Nylon was many properties such as durability, waterproof and breathability which improves the strength of the product.

What are the properties of nylon?

Nylon, first introduced to the U.S. public in 1939, was initially created as a replacement for silk. It was used in military supplies, such as parachutes and ropes, and domestically in the form of nylon stockings. Nylon is an extremely elastic and durable plastic and can also be used as an insulator. ho

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What are the properties of nylon fabric?

they are strong , light weight , elastic and absorbs less water and drys quickly.

What are properties of nylon?

Nylon is very strong at both high and low temperatures. It is typically stiff and resistance to wear and tear. It also has a low friction coefficient as well as mostly resistant to chemicals.

What are the key characteristic properties of nylon?

i think it is popular because of it smooth fibres it is mostly used for women stocking.

What are some girl names that start with the letter Q?

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What is the difference between Nylon 6-10 and Nylon 10-6?

The first number of the code is the number carbon donated but the diamine copolymer.The second number of the code is the number carbon donated but the diacid copolymer.Types of nylon with different code have of course different physical properties.

A list of black swimsuit Models?

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What are the Physical and chemical properties of cotton?

moisture of cotton yarn moisture of polyester moisture of jute moisture of wool moisture of nylon

What has the author Stephen Martin Burkinshaw written?

Stephen Martin Burkinshaw has written: 'The influence of syntans on the dyeing properties of nylon 6.6'

Can you recycle nylon rope?

No, not really, Nylon is a polyamide that is formed from the condensation reaction of adipic acid (a dicarboxylic acid) and 1,6 - diaminohexane (a diamine) and while it can be thermally processed after it is formed, this process produces harmful (to humans) byproducts. Thus most Nylon ends up in landfill where it remains for a long time. It is for this reason that Nylon is not longer used in clothing and restricted to specialist products where its properties are ideal.

Is gore-tex better than nylon?

Gore-Tex has all the properties of nylon - tough, lightweight and waterproof. But Nylon doesn't allow water vapour to pass through. This is why Gore-Tex is better - it is 'breathable'. It lets water vapour pass through but stops rain drops passing to the inside.