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Q: What are properties of evaporation?
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What properties of water that help plants transpire?

Evaporation and diffusion

Which of the following are chemical properties changes temperature ripening evaporation humidity?

Just temperature.

Is evaporation a chemical reaction?

No, it is a physical change of state. There is no change in chemical properties.

The rate of evaporation decreases when common salt is added to water why?

Solutes affect the physical properties of water.

Is water freezing into ice an example of diffusion?

These are two different processes. Diffusion is when two substance mix together, evaporation is when a liquid turns into a gas. If diffusion where to effect evaporation it would be to do with changing the properties of the liquid being evaporated.

What properties of water allow it to exist as a liquid in oceans and rivers?

Its molecules are in constant motion, allowing for evaporation and condensation.

Is quick drying a chemical or physical properties?

Drying is a physical process (because evaporation is a physical change), not a property.

What is 3 changes that are physical changes?

Evaporation, Condensation, Melting and Freezing are all physical changes as only the state of matter is changing, rather than the chemical properties.

What is the process by which particles escape from the surface of a non-boiling liquid?

Molecules speed up when they are turned from liquid into vapor. This is because they have more freedom to move around due to gaseous properties. Gases conform to the volume of the container, so they have more room to spread out, compared to liquids that do not have the ability to change volume

What are all of the physical properties?

The ones I know are melting, freezing, condensation, evaporation (or vaporization), and sublimating. These are definitely NOT ALL of them though.Ur welcome,:0)

Can you think why are evaporation and boiling reversible changes?

They are reversible changes because they don't lead to the changes in chemical properties like boiling point, melting point, no. of electrons, etc. but changes the physical properties like mass, temperature, pressure, etc.

What should be the properties of organic compounds so that hey can be separated by distillation?

To distill you need two soluble oranic materials which have different rates of evaporation when dissolved in water.