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I believe you are talking about dies and taps- which have a sort of inward cut Maltese Cross appearance, or cloverlead appearance in the stock, which is placed in a holder- and the job begun.

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Do you need s special tool to cut bike spokes?

Depends on whether you're talking about cutting threads in them or merely about cutting them off. Cutting threads in the does require a special tool as spoke threads aren't cut but rolled. Using a die cutter is awkward and likely to result ina weaker thread. If your intention merely is to cut them off then any thread cutter strong enough to deal with steel will do the job. Don't get one intended for electrical (copper or aluminum) cable, as the steel spokes will damage those shears.

A tap is used to?

A tap is used toA. cut internal threads.B. cut external threads.C. center punch before drilling.D. detect vibration.

What is a tapped hole?

is when you re-cut the threads in a bore using a die tool that is struck and then turned to make the threads

What is a thead tap used for?

Assuming you mean "thread tap", it is for cutting new threads in a hole.

What are rolled cookies?

rolled cookies are usually a type of cookie that is rolled out with a rolling pin, and then used to cut into different shapes, etc. It is usually a stiffer kind of dough, such as a sugar cookie consistency.

How come threads cannot be rolled on gray cast iron?

Because grey cast iron is not malleable, it has a crystalline structure that cannot be reformed cold.

When lathe cutting threads how do you measure external screw threads to know they have been cut deep enough?

The only sure method is to have the appropriate internal (female) thread eg. a nut available and to try this on the cut thread. If the fit is too tight then another cut or pass must be made on the lathe. If you are cutting both male and female threads to match then cut the female thread first and use it to check the cutting of the male thread. Submitted by Bill Lavery

Is rolled oats the same as porridge oats?

They are both oats, how they are processed is different. Rolled oats are just that, flattened oat kernels. The oats for porridge are cut or chopped.

How many threads does a serger have?

Sergers typically have 4 threads:Upper looperLower looperRight needleLeft needleEven if a serger is a 4-thread machine, you can still use 3 threads by using only 1 needle. This is recommended for specific stitches, such as a rolled hem, where you only use the right needle.

What is the function of the thread cutter slot on the sewing machine?

To cut to cut the threads, when you finish the row of stitches lift the foot to release the tension and pull the two threads around the back of the foot lifter so that the sharp edges of the thread cutter slot cuts the threads. It just saves you from having to keep picking up the sissors.

What is meant by pitch measurement in lathe?

Pitch measurement refers to the distance from one thread to the next when threads are cut on a lathe. Different threads have different pitches and a lathe can be set to to cut to any specified pitch. This is achieved by selecting the pitch and engaging the lead screw on levers located on the headstock, then engaging the half-nut around the lead screw from the apron. With the correct threading tool inserted threads can be cut into the workpiece.

What does changing the gears on the center lathe do?

Changing the gears on a lathe enables it to cut certain pitches of threads.

What is A tap is used for in a car?

A tap is a tool, a tap can cut or clean the threads of a bolt hole, there are differant diameters and thread pitch, a dye is the opposite of a tap it cuts or cleans the threads of a bolt.

What is a urumi?

It is a long sword made of flexible steel, sharp enough to cut but may be rolled into a coil

Is rolled a noun?

No, the word 'rolled' is the past participle, past tense of the verb to roll. The past participle of the verb also functions as an adjective.Examples:Mother rolled the dough flat in order to cut out cookies. (verb)He rested his head on his rolled sleeping bag. (adjective)The noun forms are roll, roller, and the gerund, rolling.

How do you remove male pipe from stubborn female pipe?

An inside pipe wrench also called a pipe extractor. It drives into the broken off pipe and is then turned with a crescent wrench.Normally a extractor or inside pipe wrench does not work removing a pipe . What works best is the use of a hack saw blade and a chisel to cave in the threads after the threads are cut.. BECAREFUL not to cut into the fitting threads

What is the grain and what does it look like in the phrase cut along the grain of the cloth?

With the threads that make up the cloth. Probably down the length of the cloth since these threads are continues. Think of the grain in a piece of wood.

What size is the thread for an oil filter on a 2001 Oldsmobile alero?

Why would you want to know the size of the thread on the oil filter? All spin on filters have rolled threads and as long as you buy a filter that is made for your car it will fit. You don't need a wrench to fit the threads just spin the filter on and off.

What does it mean to thread a pipe?

Cut pipe threads on the end so that you can screw a fitting on the pipe. Same as the lid on a jar.

Is oatmeat a vegetable?

Oat meal is made using either steal cut or rolled oats. Oats are a type of grain.

How does fibrin work with the platelets in your blood?

When you get a minor cut, platlets in your blood stick to the wound and cause FIBRIN THREADS to form a clot.

Are NPT pipe threads compatible with NPSM threads?

No, NPT threads are not compatible with NPSM threads. A pipe with NPT threads tapers slightly, while an NPSM-threaded pipe does not taper.

How cotton turned into clothes?

First the cotton gets picked afterwards it gets cleaned and also get dyed, or whitened, then spun into thin threads. Then the threads gets woven into cloth. After the cloth gets cut into pieces and stitched together as clothes.

What is a rolled fondant?

fondant that is rolled

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