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Q: What are sachem's?
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Who chose the Sachems?

women chose the sachems.

Who chose sachems?

women chose the sachems.

What was the grand sachems name?

the grand sachems name is Canonociss

How many sachems did the Iroquois have?


What form or government did the Iroquois Indians have?

In the 1400, Hiawatha started the Iroquois league. They had a council of 50 leaders, known as sachems. Sachems could be male or female. This council made policy decisions affecting the Native Americans who were part of the Iroquois league. These sachems were chosen by the eldest woman in each tribe and could be removed by her if she was not pleased by their performance. Sachems had to represent the viewpoint of their tribes, not their personal beliefs. Decisions made by sachems had to be unanimous. In addition to sachems, honorary members were chosen by each tribe to serve as pine trees. These representatives (both men and women) couldn't vote on matters, yet they were extremely influential. The fire keeper was the central chief, like our president.

How is math relevant in songwriting?

it related with the rhyming sachems in the musics lyrics

How are sachems chosen and what is the role of women in the process?

they though bananas at them and who said ow won

Why is a sachem important?

They are the chiefs of a tribe. They make the important decisions. Sachems are the leaders of the tribe.

What did European monarchs do while some north American tribal sachems were being elected?

inherited there positions and power

Is a sachem a Narragansett ruler?

Yes, a sachem is a title used to refer to a leader or chief among certain Native American groups, including the Narragansett tribe. Sachems were responsible for making decisions, settling disputes, and representing their people in dealings with other tribes or colonial powers.

What is the simple subject of in the sentence Some tribes had leaders called sachems?

The simple subject of the sentence is "Some tribes."

What are some seven letter words with 3rd letter C and 4th letter H and 6th letter M?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 3 words with the pattern --CH-M-. That is, seven letter words with 3rd letter C and 4th letter H and 6th letter M. In alphabetical order, they are: alchemy alchymy sachems