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Clinics that are geographically separated from but organizationally connected with a "main" clinic or hospital.

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Q: What are satellite clinics in the health care environment?
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What are 3 different types of clinics?

1. surgical clinics 2. Urgent or emergency care clinics 3. health department clinics

What are the names of some health clinics in the New York City area?

There are a vast amount of health clinics in the New York City area, as the city has a large population. Some names of health care clinics include Albion Health Centre and Basset Healthcare.

What is health care servicing?

it means customer care service delivered in healthcare providers such as clinics and hospitals

Does Gabon have a health care system?

Yes Gabon is one of Africas wealthier countries and has a health care system including clinics and hospitals.

What is private health care?

Private health care is health care that is paid for by the service user not through government funds, for examples, some dental services, clinics and residential and nursing home.

What is health-care customer service?

it means customer care service delivered in healthcare providers such as clinics and hospitals

Where can one get free condoms from?

Free condoms are available from some health care providers and clinics. Planned Parenthood provides free condoms for its patients and have clinics across the United States and Canada. Additionally, many college health clinics provide free condoms.

What is health care?

The term "health care" refers to a inter-related system of care provided to persons in health or during illness. Health care begins with the family physician. He/she may refer patients to specialists if needed, or directly order further diagnostic testing. "Well Clinics" or Community Health Clinics perform the same functions as a family physician, but clinics can also provide valuable insight into patterns of health or illness seen within the community. Hospitals form just one part of "health care", when a person's condition is acute and needs more intervention than what can be given as an out-patient. Yet, many surgeries or other procedures can be provided as an out-patient, whether at a hospital or separate location. Also, "clinics" of various types provide specific services, such as "pain management clinics" for persons suffering pain conditions. Rehabilitation services also form a needed part of in-patient and out-patient health care services. Respiratory therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy are also important components in health care treatment and recovery. "Mental health parity" strives to provide services for emotional/mental health in a way that is "equal to" physical health care. Thus, "Health care" is a complex system designed to educate, diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate before/during/after a mental/emotional or physical health problem.

Identify who is responsible for health and safety in health and social care environment?

The government.

How is health care in Mexico financed?

The public health system in Mexico is financed by the taxpayers. There are also private hospitals and clinics, financed by private investors.

How does a hospital differ from a clinic?

A clinic is usually a short-term health care compared to a hospital. Both clinics and hospitals offer health care where patients are given medical treatments and advice.

What is health services?

it means customer care service delivered in healthcare providers such as clinics and hospitals