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What are scientists who study storms called?

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Scientists study thunderstorms mainly through field research projects. Meteorologists also have a Spring Experiment where they study the storms during the spring storm season and use the data for forecasting and researching storms.

When scientists study plants, it is called Botany.

Scientists who study caves are called speleologists

Meteorologists (weather scientists) study blizzards and other storms.

Scientists that study fungi are called mycologists.

Scientists who study earth's oceans are called oceanographers.

The study of rocks is called Petrology, and the scientists that study them are called petrologists. Petrology is a sub branch of geology.

because they study about Science

Scientists who study Earth's surface and interior are called Geologists.

what is a Scientists who study the remains of ancient peoples called?

Scientists who study fungi are called Mycologists.

The scientists who study genetics are called geneticists.

Scientists that study dinosaurs are called paleontologists.

Scientists who study artifacts to learn about the past are called archeologist's.

Scientists who study fossils are, "Paleontologists".

Hydrodynamics are the study of fluids in motion.

They are generally called palaeontologists.

The scientists who study soil are just called soil scientists. The specific term for what they study is pedology.

Scientists who study the stars are called Astronomers.

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