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Seeders are people who have already downloaded the file earlier. Once a user has finished downloading a torrent, whenever he's is online, he will upload tiny bits of file to those users who are still downloading the torrent. The downloading process of your torrent depends on the number of seeders online. The more seeders the faster the download will go.

Leechers are people who has a negative effect on the swarm of the torrent. Leechers are commonly the users who download much than they upload. They are the users who doesn't leave their bit torrent clients seeding after downloading the file. They didn't spread the share of seeds that has been downloaded to the user.

When searching torents, always magnet those links with high seeded torents. If there are no seeders, you will never finish the download, no matter how many leechers there are!

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Q: What are seeders and leechers?
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What does tracker in uTorrent mean?

Its the place where the seeders and leechers are cumming from

Can you download a torrent of something if it doesn't have any seeders or leechers?


How long should a torrent take to download?

It depends on a large number of factors, including the size of the file, the number of seeders and leechers, your available bandwidth, and the bandwidth of the seeders and leechers.

Are leechers bad?

Yes and no. Leechers are people who are still downloading the file and at the same time are uploading some of it though not as much as seeders.

How do you increase in speed?

find a torrent with more seeders and less leechers -hope this helps:))

How do you increase speed in utorrent?

find a torrent with more seeders and less leechers -hope this helps:))

What does se and le mean on pirate bay?

seeders (people 'hosting' the file) and leechers (people downloading the file)

What is torrents?

A torrent is basically a file that has been compiled and is open for download. The file gets transfered through a system of seeds and leechers. A seeder helps give the file to the leechers. Meaning that if you have the more seeders giving the files to the leechers, your going to have a quicker download. A leecher is the person who is downloading the file.

In downloading what are leeches?

When using torrents seeders have the entire item you are downloading while leechers only have a part of the item. When you are downloading and uploading an item at the same time you are a leecher.

Which is the best site to download ea sports cricket 2009?

I think it would be best to torrent a crack file. get one that has good reviws and lots of leechers and seeders

What is a utorrent tracker and how do you get one?

A tracker in a Bittorrent swarm organizes the seeders and leechers. You don't need a tracker though, you can just use DHT when creating a torrent. You can also use Openbittorrent's tracker.

How long does it take to torrent?

This depends on MANY things. The most important is perhaps the number of seeders and leechers. If there are many seeders then it will be fast. If the seeder to leecher ratio is bad (aka worse than 1:2 or 1:3) then it can be slow. But perhaps the most important factors are the size of the file and your internet bandwidth.

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