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Q: What are several Latin fourth declension neuter words?
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What is the Latin translation for the word word?

The Latin for "word" is verbum, a second declension neuter.

How do you say marketplace in Latin?

'Forum' (a neuter, 2nd declension noun) is used in Latin for "marketplace."

What are the 2nd declension neuter endings in latin?

um a i orum o is um a o is

War in latin?

The Latin word for "war" is bellum, which is a second declension neuter.

What is the Latin word meaning for ward?

WARD in Latin is Defendo in first declension. fendere in second declension. fendi in third, and fensum in fourth.

What is the plural of bellum in Latin?

Bellum is a 2nd declension neuter noun meaning "war". Neuter nouns have a plural ending in -a, so the plural of bellum is bella.

Latin meaning of disease?

Disease is not a Latin word. The word for disease in Latin is morbis, morbi (neuter, 2nd declension). The word disease comes from Old French, not Latin.

What are the second declension endings in latin?

The second declension vocative ending for the masculine singular is '-e'. For the masculine plural and neuter singular and plural, the vocative ending is the same as the nominative ending.

What is the Latin word for Intervention?

interventus (genitive, interventus) This is a fourth declension masculine noun.

What declension is flos in latin?

Third declension.

What declension is the Latin word Latin?

Tempus is a neuter noun of the third declension. Its genitive is temporis.The complete declension is:Singularnom./voc. tempusgen. temporisdat. temporīacc. temporemabl. temporePluralnom./voc. temporagen. temporumdat. temporibusacc. temporaabl. temporibus

Which declension is the latin word fama?

First declension.