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Shotgun gauges are determined by the number of lead balls of a given diameter required to make one pound of that size ball. Thus 10 balls of 10 gauge diameter are required to make one pound of such balls, or 20 balls of 20 gauge diameter are required to make one pound, and so forth. This is the traditional, and very old, system. The actual (nominal) bore diameters of the various gauges are as follows: 10 gauge = .775 inch, 12 gauge = .729 inch, 16 gauge = .662 inch, 20 gauge = .615 inch, 28 gauge = .550 inch. The .410 is named for its nominal bore size, and is not a gauge at all.

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Q: What are shotgun gauge sizes related to in inches?
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Which is stronger between a 12 gauge and a 20 gauge shotgun?

The gauge of a shotgun is directly related to the size of the barrell. In the cases of shotguns the sizes going from biggest to smallest for 'standard' (not all) shotguns is. 10 gauge, 12 gauge, 16, gauge, 20 gauge, and a .410 bore shotgun (410 is not a gauge but a caliber)

How much is 16 caliber in inches?

Written as .16 caliber (notice the decimal point?), that would be a VERY tiny bullet- .16 inches in diameter. That is smaller than a metal BB- which is between .17 and .18 inches. Written as 16 caliber (no decimal point) it would refer to the length of a cannon barrel- 16 times longer than it is wide. But you may have caliber confused with gauge- shotgun shell sizes are usually given in gauges. A 16 GAUGE shotgun is about .69 caliber- or .69 inches across the shell. They are smaller than a 12 gauge, bigger than a 20 gauge (with gauge, smaller number means bigger)

What caliber is a 410 shotgun?

The 410 Shotgun is really .410 Caliber. Unlike all other sizes of shotgun, (10,12,16,20,28gauge), the 410 is measured in caliber. I believe it works out to something like 36 gauge. So the 410 shotgun is .41 Caliber

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Shotgun shell size?

Most common sizes are .410 bore, 28 gauge, 20 gauge, 16 gauge, 12 gauge and 10 gauge. Note that .410 is the actual bore diameter forward of the chamber. See below for the meaning of gauge. There have been a much wider variety of bore sizes, especially back when muzzle-loading shotguns were common, since a shotgun that does not fire fixed ammunition can essentially have a bore of any size. There have been 8 gauge guns and even larger, mostly used by commercial hunters for killing sitting birds in large numbers. "Gauge," by the way, was originally determined by how many pure lead balls of bore diameter it took to make a pound.

How big is shotgun bird shot?

"Bird shot" comes in different sizes- the bigger the number, the smaller the shot. #4 shot is about 0.13 inches in diameter. # 71/2 is about 0.095 inches.

How many different gauges of shotguns are there?

You will get alot of miraculous answers for this question. I will give you the COMPLETE list of gauge sizes. It all starts with a .410. However, this is not technically a gauge. .410 is a shotgun is the only shotgun measured in caliber. 32 Gauge - Rare 24 Gauge - Rare 20 Gauge - Common 18 Gauge - Very Rare 16 Gauge - Rare 14 Gauge - Very Rare 12 Gauge - Extreemly common 11 Gauge - Very Rare 10 Gauge - Extreemly common 8 Gauge - Rare 6 Gauge - Most rare (Russian lol) Hint: If you ever see a Russian assassin with a 6 gauge, just give him your money lol

Is a 16 gauge shotgun more powerful than a 12 gauge shotgun?

No. A 12 gage shotgun shoots a larger charge than a 16 gage. Shotgun sizes were designated according to the number of steel balls that could be dropped into the barrel that would weigh a pound. 12 steel balls weighing one pound would be dropped into a 12 gage shotgun. Thus it is a larger size than a 16 gage. (Do not waste your money on a 16 gage shotgun, at least in the United States. You will have difficulty finding shells. You should get a 12 gage or a 20 gage.)

How many pellets are in a 12 gauge shotgun shell?

It depends on what kind of shot/cartridge you use. Shot, being the pelllets inside the cartridge, come in many different sizes, from 1mm to 9mm.

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What is 30 bore cal?

I suppose you mean: What is a 30 caliber bore? The bore of a Rifle is referred to as the caliber, which equates to the diameter of the bullet it fired. A gun that shoots a 9mm bullet would be a 9mm caliber or the bore size. Most guns originally made in US were measured in INCHES. Thus a 22 caliber rifle was a gun that shot a 0.22 inch diameter bore. Since the US Army began to change over to the metric system, it began making guns to the 9mm and 7.62mm sizes. Some bores can have alternate names. A new pistol bullet is the 0.40 INCH caliber designed by Smith&Wesson is also referred to as the 10mm caliber. The bore size of Shotguns are measured using Gauge. For example, shotguns are referred to as 12-Gauge or 20-Gauge. Gauge is an unusual measurement. The gauge equates to the number of lead balls that are made to the diameter of shotgun's bore and totals a weight of 1 pound. Thus, a 12-gauge shotgun has a diameter that of a ball that would weight 1/12 of a pound. That means the Larger the bore of the shotgun, the smaller the gage number. A 12-gauge shotgun is bigger bore than a 20-gauge shotgun.

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