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Basicly Skill Points are how good you are in a Sport. If you Manage to get 1,000 Skill Points you reach PRO ranking

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2012-07-12 18:53:07
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Q: What are skill points in Wii sports?
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Get Wii points on Wii sports?

You cant get Wii Points on Wii Sports

What do you get when you have 2000 skill points in swordplay duel on wii sports resort?

You get to Superstar class

What is the best way to get skill level points in wii sports?

The best way is to play as many rounds as you can against the Wii.

How do you be a pro at boxing on Wii sports?

You have to knock out your opponent fast enough to get skill points, when you get 1000 you become a pro. even if you win, you may lose skill points

How do you get Wii points with Wii sports?

You dont

Do you get skill levels in wii sports resort?


Where are the I points in the Wii Sports Resort?

Which 5? There are 80 I points.

Where are the you points in wii sports resort?

in the volcano

Where are the 5 i points in Wii sports resort?

Which 5? There are 80 I points.

Can you buy Wii resort with Wii points?

Actually It's Wii Sports Resort, and no, you can't.

Where are all the you points on Wii sports resort?

in a helicopter

What are skill points in Wii Sports Resort?

Skill points are a rough measure of how good a player is at a certain event, or at least how much he/has played it. After every game, the player is awarded (or penalized) a number of skill points, depending on how well he/she performed. After accumulating 1,000 skill points, the player is promoted to "Pro" class. In some events, the player can face off against an extremely skilled computer-controlled "Champion" after reaching around 1,500 skill points then at 2,000 skill points you become a superstar.

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