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Sloths have adapted to their hot and muggy climate by learning to allow their bodies to move more slowly than other animals which keeps them cooler and saves energy.


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tey eat leaveslong tongues

The adaptations of a sloth are that it grows algae on its fur and the algae helps it blend in with treetops from predators. Sloths have a good sense of smell to find and detect predators. Sloths can open and close their nose to keep termites from coming up their nose.

they are slow and have dextras fingers so they can get away from their enemies by swinging from branches quickly.

The Linn's sloth has adapted very well to harsh environments. It used to have a short beak then it adapted to have a long beak

a sloth is called a sloth because it is named after one of the deadly sins .

a sloth bear is a type of bear....not a sloth

mega sloth is slower than a sloth

there are two types of sloth wich are1. 2toed sloth2. 3toed sloth

Well, the names two toed sloth and three toed sloth refer to the claws on the "Feet" of the sloth

What colour is a sloth? Does he suffer from sloth?

A sloth is not a marsupial.

There are two different types of sloth. The two-toed sloth, and the three-toed sloth. There are five subspecies.

perezoso = sloth (the animal), and a slothful person. Pereza = sloth (the act of sloth or the mortal sin)

there are 16 types 3 toed 2 toed and ground sloth and space sloth ninga sloth piarate sloth more powerful sloth

A male sloth is known as a boar. A female sloth is known as a sow. A baby sloth is known as a cub.

Very slow. All species of Sloth go the same speed including the manned sloth, the pale throated sloth and the two toed sloth.

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It is unlikely but you can eat a sloth.

the sloth is in the tree.

it is illegal to buy a sloth.

A sloth is a herbivore

Class of the sloth is Mammalia.

There is no economic status advantage for a sloth, only a sloth seller.

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