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In a solution you have a substance dissolved by the solvens. Thus you have molecular interactions between different molecules in order to create a solution.

Example: Water molecules break the ionic grid of a salt and form and create a hydrate shell around the separated ions.

A mechanical mixture is when you simply mix different materials without any interaction.

Example: You take two different Salts and mix them. While you may not be able do see wich grain is from wich salt, they are just mixed, not dissolved or something.

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Q: What are solutions and mechanical mixture?
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What is a similarity between mixtures and solutions?

A solution is a type of mixture. Another type of mixture is a mechanical mixture.

When does a mechanical mixture become a solution?

I think that this is involved with somehow particles dissolving and creating solutions

What is the difference between mechanical mixtures solutions colloids and suspensions?

collides are small tiny particles mixed together. Solutions are homogeneous mixture that the particles can be seen and separated. Mechanical mixture is heterogeneous mixture and cannot be seen and separated. suspensions are particles dissolved into each other and in over time they separated because of density

Why is separating a solid mixture is often easier than separating components of a solution?

Generally speaking, separating solid mixture same as mechanical mixture is easier than separating solutions because the components of the mechanical mixtures are usually quite different from each other.

Is lotion a solution or a mechanical mixture?

mechanical mixture

Is an omelette a mechanical mixture or a solution?

an mechanical mixture

Is jello a mechanical mixture?

jello is not a mechanical mixture.

Is veggie oil a mechanical mixture?

Veggie oil is a mechanical mixture.

Is water in a fish tank a mechanical mixture?

No; water in a fish tank is not a mechanical mixture. It is a homogeneous mixture. Mechanical mixtures are heterogeneous mixtures.

How does mechanical mixture compare and contrast with solutions?

well if u mix mechanical WATER with solutions than in the middle of the night it will soon be yellow this is because we havent added any water inside the jar but if u add water into the jar than your water will turn purple

Is detergent a mechanical mixture or a solution?

Exelent question, detergent is a mechanical mixture!

Is a fish tank with water inside a mechanical mixture?

yes it is a mechanical mixture.