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What are some Christmas songs from Holland?

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Holland's Christmas SongsHolland's Christmas SongsJoep van 't Hek - Flappie is a very famous one. This one can definitely be found as a downloadable mp3.

Besides that, there are a few Christmas songs sung at Christmas itself, or in schools or churches. You can find the lyrics over here:

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Christmas songs from Holland?

Wat ik wil voor kerstmis - KUS

What do Holland do for Christmas?

Do it rain on Christmas in Holland

What are some slow Christmas songs?

white christmas

What are some Christmas songs with the word Christmas in them?

we wish you a Merry Christmas

Christmas songs that begin with the letter y?

I have several Christmas songs or lines that are scrambled and I need the names of some songs

What are some Christmas songs in Chile?

they have most of the same songs we do

What are some examples of seasonal songs in the Philippines?

Christmas songs valentine songs

What songs are Christmas songs?

Songs with lyrics that have a Christmas theme. Some examples are : Jingle Bells Rock, Silent Night, Deck the Halls ect.

What are some Great Britain Christmas songs?

merry efing Christmas

What are some names of Christmas songs in the 20's?

lots of the Christmas songs you sing now were sung then too maybe even before then so you should just ask the names of some Christmas songs

Does Holland celebrate Christmas?

Christians around the world celebrate Christmas. This includes Christians in Holland.

Another name for the Christmas song?

All Christmas songs are songs. well all Christmas Carols are also Christmas Songs, but not all Christmas songs can be properly called Carols. There are some songs such as ( My Favorite Things) that are not even seasonal but have been tossed into the Christmas music bag. I like that phrase music bag, C-yards look out!

What are some of the standards for Christmas music?

Some of the standards for Christmas music include: Deck the Halls, O' Christmas Tree, Jingle Bells, and The Christmas Song. There are many adaptations and other wonderful Christmas songs out there but these are some of the best known, and most loved songs.

What songs are sang in Argentina at Christmas?

Christmas carols and Christmas songs

What are some Canadian christmas songs?

Look at me now!

What is a example of onomatopoeia in songs?

What are some recent songs using onomatopoeia

Can you give you a list of all the Christmas songs?

There are thousands of Christmas songs. Just about every famous singer or group did some Christmas music. The Tunecaster Christmas song section has over 300 songs from the 40s to today with song links for most.

What are some comedy Christmas songs?

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, I Want an Alien for Christmas, and We Wish You Weren't Living with Us. All of them are funny Christmas songs. There are many more funny Christmas songs still being made.

What are some modern Christmas songs?

Some modern Christmas songs are: All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carrey, birth of Christ by Boys II Men and as well as Jingle bell rock by Randy Travis.

What are some good dance songs for kids?

Elvis songs,Christmas songs,etc. ......................................................................tell you more later

What websites feature playlists of Christmas songs?

Some of websites that feature playlists of Christmas songs include the following: YouTube and Metacafe. These websites have almost every Christmas song there is.

Why do you sing Christmas songs on Christmas?

Some Christians sing Christmas songs at Christmas either to praise Jesus Christ or to retell the Story of the Nativity. Others sing them because they find the music beautiful.

What are some top Christmas pop songs?

The top Christmas pop songs include The Little Drummer Boy by Jessica Simpson, All I Want For Christmas is You by Mariah Carey, and Last Christmas by Wham.

What is the name for cristmas in holland?

Christmas is called Kerstmis in Holland, but on December 5th Holland also celebrates Sinterklaas (St Nicholas) which is a bigger celebration than Christmas.

When was Songs of Christmas created?

Songs of Christmas was created in 1999.