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They exchange their presents instead of putting them under the tree

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What are some cultural traditions for Guyana?

I am doing a project on Guyana but I don't know what some of the traditions are there so if u know any that could help me thanks

What are some popular traditions associated with Christmas?

There are various popular traditions associated with Christmas. Some of the most popular traditions of Christmas include family dinners, decorating a Christmas tree, and exchanging gifts.

What are some Canadian Christmas traditions?

what are some Canadian Christmas tradidions

What are some Christmas traditions?

some Christmas traditions are baking sugar cookies and then you can decorate them you can also bake brownies listen to Christmas cd's and make up dances to them

What is Guyana tradition?

Guyana has mixed traditions based on the different ethnic groups.

What are some popular Christmas traditions in Mexico?

Much like American Christmas, Mexican families have many Christmas traditions. Some traditions include reenactments of Mary and Joseph trying to find shelter in Bethlehem, Christmas carols, holiday foods, and many more.

What are Christmas traditions in Algeria?

what are the christmas traditions in algeria

What are some traditions they do in Italy for Christmas?

They go to there family houses and celebrate Christmas there.

What are some American traditions for Christmas?

Some Christmas traditions are hanging up Christmas lights, going to your families and celebreate Christmas with a big Christmas meal and then the children open gifts that Santa brings them. Then on Christmas day the kids usually get gifts but some of them get coal, those who get gifts open them.

What are some of Brazil's traditions?

carnival and independece and christmas

What are some of the main Christmas traditions in the nation of China?

Some of the main Christmas traditions in the nation of China would be to decorate with paper lanterns as well as decorating a Christmas tree which is known as the Tree of Lights.

What are Christmas traditions in china?

Christmas is not a Chinese holiday- so there will be a lack of Christmas traditions.

What kind of traditions does Illinois have?

Traditions like Christmas,Easter, and Thanksgiving,those are some that are special.

What are some Christmas traditions in Spain?

There are many rich Christmas traditions in the country of Spain. One of the most famous is that their Christmas tends to be more about family and gathering than presents.

What are some of Honduas traditions?

Christmas is celebrated on Dec. 24th

What are some old American traditions?

they dont celebrate christmas

What are some Christmas Yemen traditions?

what does chirstmas in yemen like

What are some traditions in a Filipino Christmas?

Filipinos usually get together and celebrate Christmas on December 16.

What do Japanese people eat on Christmas?

Less than 1% of Japanese are Christians and Christmas is not a National Holiday in Japan, so there are no well established Christmas traditions specific to the Japanese. Most Japanese Christmas traditions are similar to western Christmas traditions with some local cultural influences. One thing they do eat are Christmas cakes.

What are some traditions of the Powhatan Indian tribe?

some traditions of the powhatan indian tribe are christmas, easter, thanksgiving, veterans day

What are some typical traditions held for a Polish Christmas?

There are number of traditions held for a polish Christmas. The most popular include: gift giving, Christmas tree, Wigilia - The Vigil and the star supper.

What are the Christmas traditions in Turkey?

Same as regular Christmas traditions, but on a different day. Their Christmas is our New Year's Eve.

What are some of the different Christmas traditions around the world?

There are many traditions that are practiced around the world for Christmas. A few traditions include the Netherlands where they eat pepernoot and kerstKrans,also in the UK and other countries where one sends cards wishing a happy Christmas.

What are some traditions and customs associated with Christmas?

Christmas dinner family gets together gift giving

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