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external conditions such as increase in ambient temperature reduces the power output of a gas turbine

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Q: What are some Conditions that may prevent a turbine from developing full power?
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Why is the gas turbine called as the power plant?

A gas turbine is one type of power plant. It produces power by burning gas to turn the turbine.

How much power do you get from a steam turbine?

Depends on the turbine

How does heat transfer in a nuclear power plant?

steam turn turbine generates electricity? your question is vague: are you referring to power generation of heat-dispersion mechanisms to prevent meltdown?

How can you generate power using a mini wind turbine?

To generate power using the mini wind turbine you will have to install a small wind turbine and connect it to the grid.

What does a power stations turbine do?

A power station's turbine converts steam energy into rotary energy to drive the generator.

Can you use dc motor to power hydro turbine?

no you can't use dc motor to power hydro turbine ?

What spins the turbine of coal-burning power plant?

Steam spins the turbine of coal-burning power plant.

Checking Weather Conditions Before Purchasing A Home Wind Power Kit?

It is important to understand local weather conditions before purchasing a home wind power turbine. The most important thing to discover is the average wind speed in the area. Wind power turbines will not produce any electricity below a certain wind speed. It is also very important to know how high you can build the turbine under local regulations. Turbines generally must be raised above most surrounding structures to be effective. If the turbine cannot be raised high enough then it will not generate any significant power.

What is a gas turbine power generator?

Gas turbine power generators are used in two basic configurations. Simple Systems consisting of the gas turbine driving an electrical power generator. You fill them with gas carefully & turn them in.

Which statement explains how thomas hobbes's view of human nature influenced the way monarchs ruled?

Answer this question…Because human nature was selfish, rulers used their absolute power to prevent social chaos from developing

What exactly is the usage of a residential wind turbine?

A residential wind turbine is basically a mini wind turbine that is designed to provide power to the users. It basically provides power for the neighborhood to use.

What is the rated out put of turbine in 200MW TPS?

200 MW is the rated power for such a turbine.