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Here are some:

  • real estate
  • Real Estate Capital Market
  • Real Estate Economics
  • Real Estate Finance and Investment
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No. does not offer real estate courses.

If you want to take courses of real estate online, you should check . This site offers you Real Estate Appraisal & USPAP Courses or Real Estate Exam Prep Master, depends on your level of preparation.

There are many real estate investing courses one could take in New York. Some of these courses include but are not limited to Real Estate and Investments which is a 3 day course at the NY Real Estate Institute. This course will give an individual a better insight into real estate and development. Another course one could take would be the Real Estate Finance course offered at Brauch College in Manhattan. This course covers such topics as investments, analysis as well as decision making.

Inquire your local colleges and schools regarding real estate classes. Most colleges and schools will offer real estate courses and preparation courses.

Some colleges do offer online courses for real estate law. However, you will have to research which colleges best suit your needs, and when these courses are offered.

For Appraisal, Real Estate and Professional Development online courses, you could try Approved Online CE Courses for Appraisers, Real Estate Agents, Engineers, you can Take your online appraisal and real estate course

For becoming a real estate agent, you would need to first go through some type of real estate training courses. Than you will need a to get an actual real estate license so that you are able to sell real estate.

Depends on the state you want to be a real estate agent in. For Southern California, you can take real estate courses through First Team Real Estate Careers.

Course RequirementsApplicants for a real estate broker license examination must have successfully completed the following eight statutorily required college-level courses:Real Estate Practice; andLegal Aspects of Real Estate; andReal Estate Finance; andReal Estate Appraisal; andReal Estate Economics or Accounting; andThree* courses from the following listReal Estate PrinciplesBusiness LawProperty ManagementEscrowReal Estate Office AdministrationMortgage Loan Brokering and LendingAdvanced Legal Aspects of Real EstateAdvanced Real Estate FinanceAdvanced Real Estate AppraisalComputer Applications in Real EstateCommon Interest Developments *If both Real Estate Economics and Accounting are taken, only two courses from the above group are required.

You will find real estate agent courses at . They have courses for those new to the course and those who are experienced already.

"Many local realtors offer basic courses that offer some education in real estate. Community colleges also offer courses, as well as online courses. Basic certification can also be achieved through most of the mentioned methods."

There are several real estate courses available in Delhi that includes Diploma in property sales & transaction for those looking for real estate jobs, certificate in real estate management, planning & starting property consulting business, course on property investment etc. these courses are available at institutes such as EduMark realty education services, National Institute of Real Estate Management (NIREM) etc.

Several schools offer courses in real estate. Some of your options include Kaplan University, Columbia, and Cornell.

To become a real estate analyst, you must have studied real estate finance, real estate investment, real estate appraisal or MBA finance course. You can pursue these courses from any leading real estate management institute. As a real estate analyst, you identify and evaluate real estate investment opportunities and assess property market.

Today, you can get real estate license online. Real estate courses are offered these days in different websites in the Internet, and one perfect example is

AI or the Appraisal Institute is a certified educator specializing in real estate appraisal courses. There are several state licensing courses available. Once you have received certification, you can become a real estate appraiser trainee.

Many technical schools and some universities offer real estate courses. This site will give you a directory of programs in your area. You can also attended classes online: AND

Regardless of where you live, a career in spoter requires substantial knowledge of the real estate market and finances, as well as a familiarity with zoning and tax laws, insurance, and mortgages and banking. Careers in a complex field like real estate demand a thorough understanding of finance, analytical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills, which is why online real estate degree programs emphasize crucial business and finance concepts for real world application in the field. should be able to provide you online real estate courses for your area.

Individuals who are interested in investing in real estate are not required to take any courses. However, it is recommended the individual has a background in mathematics or business and attends a basic real estate course before taking the plunge.

Yes University of Phoenix does in fact offer some real estate course online. They would not be my first choice though.

Becoming a real estate agent takes motivation and some excellent people skills. There are many schools available across the country that teach real estate classes and offer accreditation. There are also some online courses that are available for your convenience.

To get a real estate license you must attend real estate classes. These are often offered by real estate companies themselves. Upon completion of the courses you must pass a real estate license exam. Specific requirements can vary by state.

Most states will not let you only do real estate courses online, you will have to go to classes and sit through them in order to pass your test and become licensed.

A real estate agent can either be of these two : a real estate salesperson or a real estate broker. Before becoming a broker, an individual is required to get a pre license course for real estate through accredited training and pre-licensing courses available on their location. It could be an accredited one, as long as it is recognized by your state government. After passing the exam for the pre license course, you will then be getting courses fro real estate salesperson, and after a year, an individual can now get license for becoming a real estate broker.