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Some ideas include

A inspirational person

A singer or band

A animal you like

A book you enjoyed

A movie you like

Your favorite class

A bad choice you have made

Why are ____ so popular this year

Being yourself


Your family

How to prevent pollution

How you will always remember your teachers


Computer evolution

How people play too many Video Games

What is the point in crime?

Dream job

The difference between different schools


A holiday

A place you enjoy going


See the related link for many funny speeches.

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Q: What are some Tropicana speech topics?
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Tropicana speech topics for 5 graders?

All of this orange is came from fresh and juicy. so what are you waiting for let buy one and drinkAfter a drink or twoI was putty in your handsI don't know if I have the strength to standso I just drink a tropicana and I have a strength ..........

What are some good speech topics for an indictment speech?

Some good speech topics would be child abuse,Adictions, anorexia,the media, Alcohol abuse, etc.

What are some good speech topics?

There are a lot of good speech topics, such as m&m's, hershey kisses, and animals.

What are some actuate speech topics?


What are some grabbers for a tropicana speech?

Write me a story please

What are some funny persuasive speech topics?

There are many topics you can consider for persuassive speech. Some funny topics would be comics, humor, comedy films or movie and tv series as well.

What do you say on a Tropicana Speech introduction?

'hello, today i would like to talk to you about tropicana'... rocket science...

What are some cool speech topics?

Cats or umbrellas

Indictment speech topics?

There are many topics you can choose for your indictment speech. Some examples include separation of church and state, the FBI, the budget deficit, and freedom of speech.

Easy speech topics?

easy speech topics to write about ?

What are some good informative speech topics?

An informative speech can be on any topic of which the speaker is knowledgeable. Some sample topics include famous people, animal car, and cooking.

What are some good argumentative speech topics?

there are alot of good speech topics but these are myfavorites: murders, video piracy, assults & illegal downloaded music!!!!!