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something that can be made from a primary resource

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Q: What are some Types of secondary energy resources?
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Types of natural resources in Canada?

Some examples of natural resources found in Canada include:CoalMineralsTimberOilNatural GasHydroElectric Energy (Energy from dams)FishingAgriculture

What are some energy resources?

what are some renewable energy resources

Why do some parts of the world have cirtain types of electric power plants?

It depends on the availability of the different energy resources in the country.

What are some types of renewable resources?

hydraulic energysolar energywind energybiomass energygeothermal energyocean thermal gradient energytide energy....

Where can you find information about secondary containment?

Information about secondary containment can be found from many different online resources. Some examples of these resources include the websites Grainger and Spill Containment.

Are renewable energy resources also called alternative energy resources?

Alternative energy or a Sustainable energy source

Why doesnt the energy from a producer all transfer to the secondary consumer?

Not all the energy from a producer transfer to a secondary consumer because some of this energy is lost along the way.

What are some types of resources?

natural and renewable

Types of secondary research?

There are different types of secondary research. Some of them include collation, summary, reviewing surveys and questionnaires and so many more.

What are some natural resources that are common resources?

Some natural resources that are common resources are air, water, solar energy, wind, trees, and rocks.

Why do you need resources?

To make our lives easier. And we need some resources for energy

What are some energy resources in the Bahamas?

the natural resources in the bahamas are salt and soil