What are some What are facts about the Cleveland Browns?

-The Cleveland Municipal Stadium's demoliton started in what month?

November. This stadium was shared by the Indians until 1994 and was torn down in 1996.

-Cleveland Browns are notorious for what section of the stadium?

dawg pound . This one is a give me for you.

-Bernie Kosar joined the Browns in a supplemental draft in what year?


-Who had the nickname of the 'Wizard of Oz'?

Ozzie Newsome. Too easy!

-Brian Sipe was picked in what round of the draft?

13th. He held almost every record during his career for passing.

-In the first Monday Night Football game ever played the Browns were one of the teams that played. Who was the other?

New York Jets. Final score was 31-21 in favor of the Browns.

-Frank Gatski's nickname was what?


-What was Lou Groza's nickname?

the toe.

-In the begining the Browns were not in the NFL. They played in the All-America Football Conference?

t. They were not an NFL team until the 50s.

-Paul Brown was a high school football coach for what school?

Massillon High. Massillon High is located not too far from the Football Hall of Fame.

-Art Modell moved the team?


-The Browns' first pick in the 1984 USFL supplemental draft was who?

Kevin Mack. He later teamed with Earnest Byner to form one half of a 2000+ yard rushing combo in 1985.

-Which college did former Brown, Felix Wright attend?

Drake. Had 9 picks in 1989.

-Which Brown tied a NFL record with 6 TDs against the Bears?

Dub Jones. It tied Ernie Nevers mark set in 1929.