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Sir Isaac newton was one of the most well-known and controversial scientist of his time. Law of gravity explained how the same physical laws governed motion on the earth and in the heavens. By the mid-1600 the acs Law of gravity explained how the same physical laws governed motion on the earth and in the heavens. By the mid-1600 the accomplishments of Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo had shattered the old views of Astronomy and physics. Newton was able to bring their breakthroughs under a single theory of motion. Newton went to Cambridge University. It was there he found his love of mathematics and physics. At the age of 24 Newton was certain that all physicial objects were affected by the same force. Newton's great discovery was that the same force ruled the motion of planets , the pendulum, and all matter in earth and space. This discovery disproved the idea of Aristotle that one set of physical laws governed the earth and another set governed the rest of the universe. The idea that the earth and heavens were governed by the same set of physical laws is called the law of universal gravity. According to this law, every object in the universe attracts every other object. In 1687, Newton published his ideas in a work called Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. It was one of the most important science books ever published. In the book, Newton described the universe as one giant clock. The parts of the clock all worked together perfectly in ways that could be expressed mathematically. Newton believed God was the creator of the orderly universe, it he who was the clock maker who had set everything in motion. How had Newton accomplished so much inhis lifetime?... He was very unusually driven. Newton had an extremely difficult childhood. Newton was abandoned as a child by his mother, so that she could start another family. Newton was sent to live with his grandmother who was very difficult. Newton spent most of his life trying t impress his grandmother who always saw him as a burden. He also hated his step-father because he mocked and taunted Newton. By doing this he had driven Newton to become one of the most famous scientists who ever lived.

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Q: What are some accomplishments of Sir Isaac Newton?
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