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Bluetooth is an accessory that works with the iphone in a car that is made for hand free driving. USB ports in a car also allow you to play music in a car, as well as audio jax.

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There are car adapter kits. This consists of a mount, a transmitter and a wired headset. You can also buy a blue tooth speaker.

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Q: What are some autoradio accessories for iPod and iPhone?
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Does the iPhone connect to iPod accessories?

Some older iPod accessories, like FM transmitters, car chargers, and speaker docks, will work with the iPhone if the iPhone is in 'Airplane Mode.' When in Airplane Mode, the iPhone's wireless communication protocols (Bluetooth, WiFi, and EDGE connectivity) are shut down, effectively making the iPhone an iPod only for the duration that it is in Airplane Mode (no incoming/outgoing calls, no internet, no Bluetooth headset connectivity). Not all older iPod accessories are compatible with the iPhone, so as they say, 'your mileage may vary.'

How do you transfer apps to a different ipod or iPhone?

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Where can I find some accessories for my apple iPod?

There are several accessories that are available for use with the Apple iPod. There are protective cases and sleeves, as well as holders and decorative accessories for the iPod.

What are some good IPod accessories for the car?

You have a whole lot of accessories that you can choose from. Like you have the hands free iPhone mount cases, so you don't have to hold them. The Aux cable, the FM transmitter which make music a pleasure.

How do you jailbreak your iTouch iPhone and what is jailbreaking an ipod?

By using connecting your iPhone/iPod to your computer and running some software. A process to use non-propietary software on the iPhone/iPod.

Can I buy Apple iPod shuffle accessories online?

Yes, you can buy accessories for your iPod shuffle on the Apple website. You may also want to try looking on EBay or craigslist for some iPod accessories.

What are some cool IPod Touch accessories?

Yes, I would get the iHome or other dock accessories. This will allow you to play your iPod at home.

You have iPhone and you need software to see DVR CCTV camera in iPhone?

No, I don't use that kind of software. I just buy some iPhone accessories on this website:

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I would go with IPod. Because the only difference between and IPod and IPhone is calling and texting. Which there are some apps for.

Buy Accessories At Your Favoriets IPod Touch Store?

Visit an iPod touch store to get the biggest selection of accessories for your iPod touch. Although much of the mobile world is obsessed with the Apple iPhone and iPad, some people forget that the iPod Touch runs the same operating system as well as many of the same apps. Meanwhile, the iPod touch continues to be one of the most popular personal audio devices in the world.

Will you always need headphones for your iPod?

No. Some iPod's come with speakers such as the iPhone, iPod Touch.

What are some of the iPod Shuffle accessories that are available?

Some accessories that are available for the iPod shuffle include USB power adapters, world travel adapter kit, various headphones and monster icable. All these accessories can enhance one's enjoyment and usage of the iPod.