What are some causes of acromegaly?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Acromegaly is caused by prolonged overproduction of GH by the pituitary gland.

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Q: What are some causes of acromegaly?
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What causes hands and jaw to grow large?


Acromegaly is a growth disorder that causes facial features to thicken?


What is the causes of acromegaly?

Acromegaly is a disease caused by an abnormal increase in growth hormones after puberty. The bones get thicker, and the lips, nose, jaw, and tongue get larger. Life expectancy is generally shorter in people with acromegaly than in those without. Acromegaly is usually caused by a tumor of the pituitary gland. It is usually treated by surgical resection and radiation therapy, but tumors often reoccur.

What disease is characterized by enlarged skeletal parts?


Make a sentence with this word acromegaly?

Acromegaly is a disease, so you could write something like this: "Acromegaly is a hereditary disease which concerns the extremities of the body".

Is acromegaly contagious?


Acromegaly is the result of the hypersecretion hormone true or false?

Acromegaly is the result of hypersecretion of growth hormone

The hormonal disorder that results from too much growth hormone in adults is known as?


What is the disease that causes a person to become extremely tall called?

It could be gigantism or acromegaly. A catch-all term for these diseases (and others like them) is Overgrowth syndrome.

What causes large hands and feet in adults?

Overproduction of growth hormone (somatotropin) causes a disorder characterized by disproportionate over growth of bone, specifically in the skull, jaw, feet and hands. This disorder is called acromegaly

What does over secretion of the human growth hormone during childhood cause?

In children (where the epiphyseal growth plate has not fused yet), it can lead to gigantism In adults (closed epiphyseal growth plate in bones), it leads to acromegaly.

Does Zhang Jun-Cai have acromegaly?

Maybe because his incredible height was caused by pituitary gigantism and that disorder often leads to acromegaly (although not necessarily).