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most have top notches like the California or mountain quail

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Q: What are some characteristics of quail?
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What is the phylum of a quail?

Some types of quail are bobwhite quails, button quails, coturnix or Japanese quail, gambles quail, mearns quail, mountain quail, scaled quail, California quail and more

What are some birds that start Q?

The Quail.

Why does my quail crow nonstop for hours?

It is calling for a mate - it will undoubtedly be a male, probably a Jap' quail of some description - they do that.

What are some meats with that begin with the letter Q?


What are some real animals that start with q?

· Quail

What are some words that begin with Q that are in Louisiana?


Why does male quail peck female quail?

idk ask some one with more experience im only doing a report on them.

What is the plural of quail?

Quails or quail. Either is acceptable.

Who is the cartoon quail who whistles?

"The Crackpot Quail" starring Quentin Quail .

Can you mate a californian quail with a bobwhite quail?

no because it is a different type of quail

Does a quail coo?

Yes, some of quails is able to inflate the neck and coo. The most noticeable example is Button quail. Their coo is soft and whispering.

What are some weird animals that begin with the letter Q?

· Nutria (South American rodent) · Quail · Ural Owl