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to open up the cheat window press CTRL then SHIFT then C. Here are some cheats. motherlode - Gives 50 000 simoleans. kaching - Gives 1000 simoleans. aging off - Stops the aging process againg on - Turns the aging process back on again moveobjects on - Allows to to move objects anywhere moveobjects off - Turns it off boolprop testingcheatsenabled true - Turn on the testing funtios, use with caution boolprop testingcheatsenabled false - Turn off testing funtions. These cheats are for the PC only.

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2006-04-16 12:10:52
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Q: What are some cheats for the video game Sims 2?
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What are some cheats for the game arcanists?

There are no cheats there are only glitches its not a video game.

What are some my sims kingdom cheats?

There are no My Sims Kingdom cheats. But there are some for clothes. But not for gameplay.

Are there any cheats for My Sims Kingdom?

There are no My Sims Kingdom cheats. But there are some for clothes. But not for gameplay. this is from Ceryscola..... what r the cheats for clothes?

What are some cheats to Super Mario 64 on the computer?

here is a good site for video game cheats

Where would you buy the Sims 2 Pets?

Walmart or Target or some video game stores

Who do get cheat from ea?

That depends what game are you talking about ? I only know some codes and its for EA game The sims... But ea doens't give cheats they hide the cheats in the games if you dont find them then just google it!

What are some cheats for sims2 for ps2?

There are actually no cheats but there are cheats for The sims 2 on Nintendo DS and The sims 2 on XBox. Sorry For further info email me at

You want some cheats for the gym level on sims bustin out ps2?


What are some cheats for the sims ps2?

motherlode for more money

Where can one find Sims 2 cheats?

Sims 2 cheats are available on sites catering to gamers online. Some of these cheat sites are simsaregreat at tumblr, a wiki devoted to The Sims, and Super Cheats, which provide cheat codes.

What is some cheats for DSI?

there are no cheats for the dsi, but there are cheats for the game you have

Which pets are available on the video game 'Sims 2'?

There are a total of 75 pets available in the video game The Sims 2. Some of them are Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Pointer, Mix Breed, Siberian Husky and many more.

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