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Here is a site that has tons of cheats and codes:

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Q: What are some cheats for video games?
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What video games have cheats?

Countless games contain cheats.

What are cheats on video games?


Do video games have cheats?

yes, sometimes

What are apple shooter cheats?

There is none that I know of.... If I am correct, only Video games can have cheats.

How do you get cheats for your games?

Cheats for games are mostly found online on some video game cheat/hack websites and also available at retailer stores like Best Buy and Gamestop.

Cheats for video games?

you should look it in

What is cheat engine use for?

To get cheats on video games and stuff.

What are some ways that one can find cheat codes for video games?

There are many places on the web where you can find cheat codes for video games. Some of these sites include Cheat CC, Cheat Codes, Games Radar, Super Cheats, and more.

What are some cheats for the game arcanists?

There are no cheats there are only glitches its not a video game.

Ben 10 game cheats?

its video games and martial arts

Will the Family Guy Back to the Multiverse video games have cheats?


Where can you find r4 cheats?

Well I have an r4 and mine has cheats but not for all games. First your r4 will come with cheats or not. If it does some games will have cheats. And enable them.

Is there any way to make your own cheats for video games?

quite simply, no

Syphon filter cheats?

look on various cheat sites for video games

Are they any cheats for Farm Cash on Farm town?

at mobile games they dont have cheats but fun fact at some games pc and ps4 games they have cheats

What are some cheats for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games for Wii?

There are no cheats.

Cheats for mercenary's 2 for Xbox 360?

The best place to find cheats for video games is you should be able to handle it from there.

How do you get video game cheats cheap?

Many websites such as provide cheats, walkthoughs and similar items for many games for free.

All cheats on shadow the hedgehog?

As far as I know there are no valid cheats on any of the game cheats websites, in fact, i don't think there are any cheats for any of the Sonic games, but if there were, i would not advice using them, you are not supposed to use cheats for Sonic games. What are cheats going to do? give you super speed? you already have that. raw destructive power? already got it. or maybe even, but not limited too faster energy recharge. sonic and his friends don't need energy recharge, they don't run out, seriously what cheats would they have for supernatural beings like sonic the hedgehog. A lecture on video game cheats: Video game cheats are essentially created for those who wish simply to feel insanely powerful and destroy everything in sight, rather then to have fun. Cheats degenerate from the video gaming expirience by removing the challenge of gameplay. Using cheats to beat video games is morally wrong, for the only reason to beat a game is to say, "I beat that game," but no one can honerably or decently can say that if he uses cheats. Now you may point and laugh at the forty year old man with no hair that plays, and designs, video games, but I can tell you two things about him; He plays good video games, and he won't cheat. Thereofore, he is tenfold more decent that the young, goodlooking man that plays online games regularly using cheats and controler mods that bend the rules of video games to "p3wn" other players. Now think about that before you cheat at another video game.

Is there a website for cheats for video games?

www.cheatcc.comjust google it and you'll get plenty more.go to to find the coolest things & cheats!

Where are the best cheat codes website?

Gamefaqs is great with saves and real cheats and Chapter Cheats has some games and some of the cheats are fake

Were can you find good cheats?

This is different for every games. Some games have cheats implemented into the game for you to explore and experiment with. Some games have cheats labelled as "illegal" in their game and the most likely consequence is a permanent ban. Some games don't even have cheats, especially very small indie games on your handheld device such as your phone or smartphone. Therefore, it is very hard to answer your question.

Do you have any cheats for puppy love on Nintendo ds?

I'm sorry, but there is never cheats for games on ds. But if you have ANY other questions about video games, especially sims, I am happy to help.

What are some cheats to Super Mario 64 on the computer?

here is a good site for video game cheats

Does world of zoo even HAVE cheats?

Yes. Like most games it does have some cheats.