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There aren't "last names for girls" and "last names for boys." Its just last names. For the first names there are names for different genders, but not for the last names.

Some last names are:

Zamora, Smith, Turner, Williams

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Q: What are some colonial last names for girls?
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What are some colonial last names l last names?


What are some very Common colonial last names from colonial Roanoke island?

Some common last names in the 1700's were Baker, Smith, Dare, and Cooper.

Colonial name for a girl?

Some names for girls are..... - Rebecca - Martha - Mary - Elizabeth Back then, names were usually from the bible

What are some common French last names for girls?


What the names first?

Some of the names that were popular during History was Elizabeth for girls and William for boys (Colonial Times). Then during the 50's and so on names such as Dick for boys, and Jillian for girls started to become even more popular than colonial names. Think Baby also has some great names that were used back then too. :0)

What are some names for girls?

there are lots of names for girls.. its really a personal choice

What are some good colonial names for fathers?

This LINK is a copy of the actual census from Colonial Three Rivers!

What are famous postcolonial names?

colonial names are names that people had in colonial times. SOme include George Washington, thomas Jefferson, john Adams, Abigail Adams, and Benjamin Franklin and mary

What are some of the longest last names?

some long last names are tutiveiliartivacikouto, maekendakeledalevu, undansutiflagoder, and last rigyernistisky

What were some wealthy girls taught in colonial times?

Weathy girls were taught the same as the other girls. They were taught to knit, sew,...

What are some unique middle names for baby girls?

There are lots of middle names for girls. Some unusual nice examples of some middle names for girls include tulilah, kalila, anya, summer, myla, harper, adelaide, paloma.

What names were Popular during colonial times?

Some popular names wereAnneAbigailElisabethfor boysThomasGabrielJamesJoshua