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Some common sense beliefs about the social world include the idea that people generally want to be accepted and liked, that cooperation is often more beneficial than competition, and that relationships require communication and trust to thrive. Additionally, most people believe that individuals should be treated with respect and kindness.

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Q: What are some common sense beliefs about the social world?
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What is the connection between common sense and people's beliefs?

Common sense refers to practical knowledge and judgment based on experience rather than specialized study. People's beliefs are influenced by various factors, including culture, upbringing, education, and personal experiences. Common sense can shape people's beliefs by providing a foundation for understanding and interpreting the world around them, guiding their decisions and actions.

How does sociology use science to improve common sense and tradition?

Sociology uses scientific methods, such as data collection and analysis, to examine social phenomena and challenge common sense assumptions or traditions with empirical evidence. By doing so, sociology can provide more accurate and nuanced explanations of social issues, helping to refine and improve common sense understandings of the world we live in.

Why was ideology embraced?

Ideology was embraced because it provides a set of beliefs, values, and principles that help individuals make sense of the world and guide their actions. It offers a sense of identity, purpose, and belonging, and can be used to mobilize people around common goals or interests. Ideologies also serve as frameworks for understanding complex social, political, and economic issues.

Why do so many people believe the world is only 4000 years old when science and common sense has proven otherwise?

Some religions and beliefs claim that the world's age is different than what isclaimed by scientists, just as some beliefs claim that there's heavenand hell, or a god, while there is no scientific proof for their existence.Because common sense is not an objective thing, and science does change with time, some people refuse to accept certain scientific theories that contradict their beliefs (which are their common sense). Their beliefs may not make sense to you, but they have the right to believe in whatever they want. And it is generally unwise to claim that information generated through science is "proven" or "factual". Better to leave those matters open, as suggested above. The danger is that when some new scientific insight comes to light, people coming from faith-based beliefs sometimes come to the illogical conclusion that if science is wrong, our religious texts must be right.

What are the Stone Age beliefs?

Stone Age beliefs varied among different cultures, but common themes included animism, ancestor worship, and a belief in spirits inhabiting natural elements such as animals, rocks, and trees. These beliefs helped early humans make sense of the world around them and establish connections with the spiritual realm.

What are descriptive assumptions?

Descriptive assumptions are implicit beliefs or ideas about the nature of reality that guide our understanding and interpretation of the world. These assumptions are not necessarily proven or tested, but are often based on past experiences, cultural norms, or common sense. They help shape how we perceive and make sense of our surroundings.

What are the world's cultures?

the set of beliefs, values, and pratices a group of people have in common

What is cybersense?

In Short, Cybersense is common sense in Cyber World.

What is difference between social and moral character?

Social character refers to how an individual interacts with others and behaves in social situations, while moral character refers to an individual's beliefs, values, and sense of right and wrong. Social character is more about how a person presents themselves to the world, while moral character is about their internal compass for decision-making.

Describe social theory and social thought.?

Social theory refers to systematic, coherent explanations and interpretations of social phenomena that seek to understand the nature of society, social relationships, and social change. Social thought encompasses a broader range of ideas, beliefs, and perspectives about society and social issues, including non-theoretical perspectives and common-sense understandings. Social theory aims to provide analytical frameworks for understanding social structures and processes, while social thought reflects a wider array of social ideas and beliefs.

Why culture is idiational?

Culture is idiational because it is based on ideas, symbols, and meanings shared by a group of people. It shapes their beliefs, values, and behaviors, influencing how they interact and understand the world around them. This ideational aspect of culture provides a framework for individuals to make sense of their experiences and form a sense of identity within their social group.

What are the beliefs about Pagans?

Whose Beliefs? Christian's beliefs? Wiccan's Beliefs? Stregherian Beliefs? There are many forms of Paganism in the world and each of them, though at times may have beliefs in common, have a belief system that is uniquely there own. Your question needs to be more clearly stated.