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The most common tax deductions in the United States are on charitable donations, mortgage interest, income tax, real estate tax and dental and medical costs.

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Q: What are some common tax deductions?
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What are the two most common deductions?

When itemizing, the two most common deductions are home morgage interest and property taxes. If you mean credits the two most common are the child tax credit and earned income credit. Both deductions and credits lower or go against your tax liability.

What tax deductions do you get when opening a new business?

There are many tax deductions available for new businesses. Some include home office deduction, travel, meals, entertainment, and gifts, and business use of your car. To see the many more deductions go to

Are cats a tax deduction?

Pets are not tax deductions.

where we can ask about further information regarding tax deductions?

Tax deductions are based on the credits that a company provides for the society of the country that it resides in. The IRS website provides some information about this.

Funeral expenses are they tax deductions?


Where can you get receipts for tax deductions?

in the trash

Which tax software offers the msot deductions?

Tax Cut Premium has all sorts of deductions and works great for investments.

Itemized deductions are recorded on what tax form?

Itemized deductions are recorded on: Schedule A.

Are social security deductions pre-tax or post tax?

Post tax

How do I change the deductions on NYS Income tax?

How do I change the deductions on NS income taxt?

Above-the-line Tax Deductions?

If you qualify, you can claim above-the-line tax deductions even if you don't itemize.Click here to fill out the Above-the-line Tax Deductionsform

What are some options for American tax relief?

There are a number of options available for American tax relief. Some of these options are the $1000 child tax credit, education and tuition deductions and payroll tax credits.

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