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Farmer's Insurance is one. The YMCA is another. Microsoft has been known to donate.

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Q: What are some companies that donate to school organizations?
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What kind of companies or organizations provide sunday school lessons for children?

There are various organizations that provide Sunday School for children. Some places that you may want to start with are your local church and local schools.

Where can a graduate find scholarships for fashion design school?

There are a multitude of companies and organizations that give grants for fashion design school. Some organizations include the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF) and the Stella Blum Research Giant.

What are some ideas for fundraisers for non-profit animal organizations?

You could ask Cadbury or companies like that if you could have some chocolate boxes to sell and donate to animal organizations in your local area. Also if you look on some animal charities, they have fundraising ideas for people over 18 yrs old? ;) Hope this helped and GOOD ON YOU!!!!!!!!!

What are some ways one can donate books to schools?

You can donate books to schools by reaching out directly to the school's library or administration to inquire about their donation policies. You can also consider organizing a book drive within your community to collect books to donate to schools. Another option is to donate books to organizations or charities that specifically work on book donations to schools.

How can you donate to united way?

You can donate to United Way directly on their website. Some companies also allow you to donate through them, so check with your HR rep to see if it's available to you.

What are some good nonprofit organizations to donate to?

It depends very much on your interests. Pet rescue and other organizations regardling pets or wildlife do not have access to some of the funding that other charities do, so that's a good use of your donations.

What companies or organizations might FARA refer to?

FARA is mentioning about pharmaceutical organizations. Some will be hospitals, stores that provide pharmacy, pharmacies themselves and possibly some individuals.

Which companies or organizations supply consumer mortgage resources for residents in California?

There are some companies or organizations that supply consumer mortgage resources for residents in California. They are Matrix Mortgage Global, Riverbank Mortgage, etc.

What are some charitable organizations I can donate to that are tax deductible?

The charitable organizations which provide tax deductions for donations include Green Planet, City International, For Humanity, Christian Mission, Parents and Children Together etc,

What are some charities that you can donate to that benefit animal rescue in the United States?

The Animal Rescue site, Animal Rescue Inc, ASPCA, and Animal Rescue League are all places that work with animal rescue. If you contact these organizations they should be able to tell you how you might be able to donate to their cause. All of these organizations are in the United States.

What are some ideas for school raffles?

Coffe machines, watches, ask shops if they can donate anything.

Which organizations will help you donate your car to somebody who needs it?

They're are many organizations that will take your donated car and give it to someone in need. Some of those organizations are; Make a Wish Foundation, Kars4Kids, carshelpingpets, Habitiat for Humanity. Call any one of them and they will provide you with more information.