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Children become impulsive, aggressive and irritable during puberty. Healthy diet, lots of water, proper exercise to channel energy and meditation are good coping mechanisms.

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A coping strategy that I found helpful was sports or exercise, even though most kids hate it, it helps your brain function and the tiredness afterwards prevents random rage.

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Q: What are some coping strategies during puberty?
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Can some lotions hurt you during puberty?

Not because you are in puberty.

What are some examples of characteristic adaptations?

Motives, goals, plans, strivings, strategies, and coping mechanisms would all provide examples of characteristic adaptations.

Why do you smell during puberty?

You don't, or get some deodorant

Examples social changes during puberty?

some boys and girls become very aggressive during puberty. while in some cases, they become quite and loners.

What are some mental puberty questions?

The main questions are the attitude changes during puberty. They are caused by the hormones .

How do boys change emotionally during puberty?

During puberty, some boys become very irritable. Some become aggressive and disrespectful. All this is caused by hormonal imbalance

What are some physical changes during puberty?

Boy: deeper

What is the emotional changes during puberty?

During puberty due to the hormonal imbalance there are many behavioural changes. Some become aggressive while some become all quite and loners.

Do roosters get angry during puberty?

Yes, they might get angry. During puberty, due to the hormonal imbalance, there might be some aggressive behaviors in roosters too.

What mental changes do male experience during puberty?

During puberty, the boys often become more aggressive, some become emotional. There is an increase in libido.

Do thymus tends to increase after puberty?

Yes, thymus tends to increase after puberty. During puberty this grows slowly till it reaches some maximum size.

What are some products that you can use to keep clean during puberty?


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