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You can always base the name on the appearance of the A.B. I know some A.B's have 1/2 white 1/2 brown face so consider, Spot, or Marble (as in Marble Cake). You can name your dog Spot as well. Tanner is a good option, as is Comet. You can also name your dog human names: Cody, Kimmy etc. There is also the names of the Greeks:

If your dog is powerful here are some suggestions:

Zeus, Hercules, Percy/Perseus, Hestia or Hesta, Atlas (who holds up the sky)

If your dog is wise:

Athena, Art/Artemis and much more

Here are more that don't categorize:

Poseidon, Aphro/Aphrodite, Ares, Apollo, Phoebe (my favorite, the Titan of the moon).

Here is my source for the Titans:

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What are some of the best dog names for a bulldog?

You can find great Bulldog names at Some good names include: Rufus, Spike and Spot.

Does an American pit bull terrier have American bulldog in it?

No it does not. The American bulldog may have some strains of the pitbull but not the other way around

Is a bully pit pitbull mix with bulldog?

Most bully mix are. Some are small, and some are large because some bulldog breeds are large like the American bulldog.

What are some cute female dog names?

What are some cute dog names? Tessa,Callie,Ellie may,Daisy,Evona,

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FOR ENGLISH BULLDOG FEMALES:OliviaJackieRuthRubyAudreyAubreyFOR ENGLISH BULLDOG MALES:BentleyWinstonCharlieHenry

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its your kitten name it your self

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How much does a American bulldog cost?

well, some $250 overs $600!

What are some kitty names?

cute cat names: oreo lucky oliver sasha bella

Popular names for female English bulldog?

Some popular names for female English Bulldogs are Lulu, Roxi, Nana, and Lucy.

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Are American bulldog illegal in Canada?

nope ive seen some herei have one and my

What is the difference between a British Bulldog and an American bulldog?

this is from animal planet dogs 101 american bulldogs were breeded in american first by some man and woman so they got the name american bulldog cause the were a new breed of a bulll dog that happened in america and british bull dog is it was breeded in london so since their was a bullldog all ready in america they could not call it a american bullldog so they called it a british bullldog cause it was breeded in britain but was not anything like the american bulldog

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