What are some cute dog names for an American Bulldog?

You can always base the name on the appearance of the A.B. I know some A.B's have 1/2 white 1/2 brown face so consider, Spot, or Marble (as in Marble Cake). You can name your dog Spot as well. Tanner is a good option, as is Comet. You can also name your dog human names: Cody, Kimmy etc. There is also the names of the Greeks:

If your dog is powerful here are some suggestions:

Zeus, Hercules, Percy/Perseus, Hestia or Hesta, Atlas (who holds up the sky)

If your dog is wise:

Athena, Art/Artemis and much more

Here are more that don't categorize:

Poseidon, Aphro/Aphrodite, Ares, Apollo, Phoebe (my favorite, the Titan of the moon).

Here is my source for the Titans: http://www.babynamestats.com/greekgods.html