What are some diaper pranks?

Updated: 10/4/2023
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1. Go to your school and go near the Boys or Girls bathroom.

If you know that there's some people in there, say "Hi, I'm the Janitor, if there's someone in here, you all need to get out because I need to do a bathroom inspection"

You can ask a friend to tell you some other funny jokesbecause this is all I know.

- Ok....thats not really that funny but if u have like a teenage sister er sumthin a good prank would be bfore she gets out of the shower (preferably like bfor a party er sumthin shes gettn ready for) u put abunch a baby powder or flower in her hair dryer. and when she goes to dry er hair...(poof) Instant YouTube

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pour dawn on the lawn of someone with a sprinkler system when the sprinkler goes of there lawn bubbles up

pour salt in the shape of your name on someones lawn

on a camping trip by a hockey mask and a fake ax self explanatory

replace toilet paper with duck tape

put someones shoes in the middle of a room fill the room with legos

look in the fridge find any food thats out of date spicy or bad tasting and put it in a soup pour a bowl of a different soup with the same ingredients but not out of date and give them the bad one

call anyone and ask "is this the krusty krab" 9 out of 10 people will say "no this is patrick"

well your friend is asleep...

... put there hand in warm water

...put wip cream on there hand and wipe a feather on there nose

...go on youtube and type in hypnotize yourself put earbuds in your friends ear and click on a hypnotic video that will make them do something embarrassing but only click on one with high ratings

...put whatever you want (pen sandwich book) on there face

if any of these worked tell me i love a good laugh

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The most popular toilet prank is probably flushing a cherry bomb down the toilet. If that seems too destructive, there's the messy prank of backing up a toilet so it will overflow on the next person to flush it. With Porta-Potties, a prankster may trap some unfortunate in the building.

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Putting ice in a baby's diaper.

If you're feeling especially evil, put itching powder in a baby's diaper instead.

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throw dipers at someone

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Q: What are some diaper pranks?
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Put icy hot or itching powder in a baby's diaper.

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