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cancer cells divide rapidly where normal cell don't.

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Generally speaking, cancer cells do not perform the functions that they were intended to and they multiply unchecked. Cells naturally destroy themselves (apoptosis) when they cease to perform their duties. Cancer cells do not.

The main difference between cancer cells and normal tissue stem cells is that cancer cells are abnormal and present mutations.

a. cancer cells divide uncontrollably. b. normal cells cannot make copies of DNA. c. cancer cells cannot make copies of DNA. d. normal cells divide uncontrollably. (A) cancer cells divide uncontrollably

normal cells look the same, cancer cells are abnormal.

Cancer cells are, to put it simply, normal cells that have mutated. They don't die like normal cells so that is why cancer cells spread.

Bladder cancer will force normal cells to divide uncontrollably.

Cancer cells normally have a defect in their receptor proteins on the membrane. There are several growth receptors on the surface of cells, and if one of them is faulty, cancer may form. The cancerous mass will continue to divide if there is no negative feedback from the cells surrounding it. In addtition to not being able to receive normal signals that regulate the cell cycle, cancer cells do not stop dividing when growth factors are depleted, simply put cancer cells don't require nutrients to grow, however they may still receive nutrients. As long as a cancer cell is provided with nutrients they may grow indefinately until some random point in the cycle where they may stop, rather then stopping at checkpoints in the normal cell cycle, making them somewhat "immortal". These are the most common differences in cancer cells and normal cells.

cancer cells make you die and normal cells are healthy

Normal cells have many controlling factors that allow them to divide on a regular basis, or when needed, but cancer cells have lost the ability to respond to these factors, and therefore grow uncontrollably.

No, cancer cells are more active than normal cells. Cancer cells are always dividing at a faster rate than normal cells.

The relationship between Cancer and DNA cancer begins when mutations distrupt the normal cell cycle, causing cells to divide in an uncontrolled way.

cancer cells are formed when the normal oxygeneration of a healthy cell.

cancer cells are cells that are damaged by smoke as they are spread and the normal cells are the unharmed cells unless even they have been attaked by smoke

Cancer cells do not respond to the normal signals that control growth in non-cancerous cells. Normal cells generally only grow in the presence of growth stimulating signals. Cancer cells can grow without these. Normal cells will also stop growing when they recieve inhibitory signals, but cancer cells don't respond to these.

Well lukimea dose not fight germs like white blood cells do

A chief difference is that cancer cells NO LONGER FUNCTION the way that healthy cells are supposed to function in the body. Another is that CANCER CELLS CONTINUE TO DIVIDE, sometimes at an accelerated rate, whereas normal cells do not divide unless there is a need to replace other cells, to maintain the function of the organ.

They're different because they grow faster than normal cells and start to kill the cells around them, which can result in a tumor and cause cancer.

Cancer cells reproduce the same way as normal cells do, by mitosis. What separates cancer cells from normal cells, is that their reproduction is uncontrolled and proceeds when it should not. They therefore constantly go through the cell cycle and reproduce.

what is the differences between stomata cell and epidermis cell

They can be mutated through irradiation.

Normal cells divide in an orderly way to produce more cells only when the body needs them, whereas cancer cells continue to be created without control or order.

In the cell cycle of cancer cells interphase is still the longest phase. However, interphase is shorter in cancer cells than in normal cells.

Your question makes no sense. Cancer is mutation of normal cells.

Cancer Cells produce a protein that blocks apoptosis.

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