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What are some different types of electrical circuits?


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February 09, 2016 9:24PM

Some different types of circuits are:

  • open
  • closed
  • parallel
  • series

There are two types of basic circuits, series and parallel.

In series, current stays constant and voltage is divided amongst the resistors.

In parallel the voltage stays constant, Every branch of the circuit gets the same voltage from the power supplier, but there is different current in every branch but current doesn't get lost. Current entering a junction(branches) must equal to current out of the junction. Iin =Iout.

The third type could be the Series-Parallel Combination, which has some components wired in series and other components in parallel. Solving these circuits requires more complex analysis techniques. See related link.

Another Answer

Electrical circuits are generally classified as being: (1) series, (2) parallel, (3) series-parallel, and (4) complex. The term, 'complex' is a category into which any circuit that doesn't fall into the first three categories, is placed.