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What are some examples of biometric devices?

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A fingerprinting scan is a very common biometric device. There are also iris matching scanners for high tech security. @Nottingham YE$

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What are biometric devices and what is the difference between biometric scanners and biometric devices?

Broadly, a "biometric device" is any device that measures a biological function or trait. As related to computers, biometric devices are used to control access and/or verify identity. Voice recognition, retinal scanners, palm/fingerprint scanners are all examples of biometric devices. A biometric scanner will take a picture (your fingerprint, your retina) and match it to a previous scan kept on file. Other types of biometric devices, such as voice recognition systems, will record your voice and compare the recording to a sample on file.

What are Biometric devices used for?

The biometric devices are used for security measures.

Where can you purchase biometric security?

Biometric security devices can be purchased from several different companies. Some companies that manufacture biometric security devices are Quick Access, Sentry Safe, Viking, Lock Safe, and Gun Vault.

What are some examples of biometric security?

üRetinal Scan

What are some Technical terms for a biometric device?

Biometric devices measure (metric) features of living things (bio). To be useful in security (such as authentication and identification), biometric devices measure features of living things that are unique for any individual, such as the Fingerprint Readers now available on most laptops. Other biometric devices include Voice Print Analyzers, Facial Recognition Scanners, and eye (retina or iris) scanners.

Biometric input devices?

It is an input device.

How much do biometric devices cost?

from $69.95 and up

What are two devices that are considered input devices?

biometric authentication device digital camera

What are some examples of biometric systems?

Biometrics is the system of identifying humans through personal characteristics. Examples of biometric systems include the scanning of the iris/retina, fingerprint scanning, and handwriting scanning. Another example of a biometric system is the scanning of the voice in order to recognise the speaker.

Which authentication methods support biometric security devices?


Does people like using biometric input devices?


Is the face recognition system an example of biometric device?

Althogh there there are better biometric devices, face recognition is an example of biometric device because it has to recognize your face to authenticate you to a facility.

What si the most important disadvantage of using biometric devices to authenticate a person to have access to a system?

The most important disadvantage of using biometric devices to authenticate someone is lack of flexibility in conditions. There are many factors which could make identification difficult with biometric devices; such as injury to or loss of a finger, laryngitis, and background noise.

What alternative input device measures biometric identifiers?

Iris scanners and fingerprint scanners are alternative (biometric) input devices for computers.

What are some examples of automated devices?

list of automated devices

What are some examples of IP devices?

Some examples of IP devices are internet modems and routers, EtherNet/IP drive devices, VoIP systems, and numerous electronic devices, such as an iPad.

Which two devices are considered input devices?

Keyboard, Bar-code Reader, biometric authentication device

Does the use of a biometric device does not eliminate security and privacy?

The influence of biometric devices on either security or privacy will depend upon how they are used. Like any other device, biometric devices can be used appropriately or inappropriately. Does the use of a knife make you bleed to death? But then, maybe you will just chop vegetables.

What are some examples of bistable devices?

a monitor.

Is a Biometric device an input output or storage device?

Most biometric devices would be input devices although they may also utilize storage devices and output devices in their functioning. A biometric device usually takes in biometric information about a person and compares it to information stored in a database - much like username/password methods of authentication compare the username and password to the stored information for a user. Fingerprint scanners, read the fingerprint, convert it to a data stream and then compare it to the stored data previously recorded for the individual, retinal scanners read information about the retinal patterns of a user, convert it to data and compare it to stored data, etc. Note that biometric devices must rely on a storage device, but usually the storage device is not part of the biometric device. Instances of OUTPUT associated with a biometric device might be a signal to open a door or trigger an alarm, but again, the output usually comes from another device that the biometric device is connected to.

What are some examples of serial devices?

There are quite a number of examples of serial devices. Some of them include routers, switches and modems which connect through serial ports.

Is biometric authentication device and digital camera an input device?

Yes they are input devices.

What are some output devices of the computer?

output devices are the devices from which the output is obtained. examples: MONITER, PRINTER etc.,

What are some examples of peripheral devices?

its a mouse keyboard

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