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There are a few things that are cobalt. The earth's core and the land is cobalt. There are a few things that are cobalt. You can buy a cobalt boat or a car.

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What are some examples of hard magnets?

. Examples of hard magnets are Aluminum-Nickel-Cobalt (Alnicos) and Strontium-Iron (Ferrites, also known as Ceramics).

Some examples of metals?

Titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc etc

What are some cobalt compounds?

Yes, cobalt form many chemical compounds as cobalt nitrate, cobalt chloride, cobalt sulfate, cobalt sulfide, etc.

What are some cobalt common compounds?

Yes, cobalt form many chemical compounds as cobalt nitrate, cobalt chloride, cobalt sulfate, cobalt sulfide, etc.

What do cobalt made of?

Some applications of cobalt:- cobalt blue glass- stainless steels with cobalt- gamma sources with cobalt-60- widia items preparation- batteries- catalysts

Four examples of minerals?

There are many types of minerals in the world. Some of these include barium, bauxite, chromite, clays, cobalt, as well as copper.

What are some examples of magnetic substances?

Iron, Cobalt, Nickel First of all, iron (Fe) is a magnetic substance. And so is nickel (Ni), cobalt (Co), dysprosium (Dy), gadolinium (Gd), ceramics as ferrites and others, alloys, some organic compounds, etc.

Do all steels contain cobalt?

They don't all contain cobalt, but some do.

Examples of radioactive isotopes?

Cobalt - 60,Strontium-90, Uranium - 238

Which is an example of an element that is a metal?

Some elements that are metals are cesium, aluminum, cobalt, and barium. Other examples are lithium, iron, zinc, silver, and chromium.

What are some common compounds of cobalt?

Whats a cobalt, how can I answer the question if i don't know what it means

What are some chemical characteristics of cobalt?

I have some chemical characteristics for Cobalt. 1)Full name of Cobalt: Cobalt(evil spirit) 2)Chemical symbol: Co 3)Atomic number: 27 4)Atomic mass: 58.93

What are examples of mixtures of elements?

Examples: a mixture of powders of iron and cobalt, a mixture of carbon and sulfur, a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen, etc.

Some physiological importance of cobalt?

cobalt acts as the cofactor for vitamine cyanocobalamine-(vit-B12)

What does pure cobalt look like?

compounds of cobalt in some conditions like diamond, coal

What are some commonly daily uses for cobalt?

A cobalt steel alloy is used for making permanent magnets. Cobalt is used in ceramics some paints. Metal alloyed with cobalt can withstand high temperatures are used in gas turbine engines and for cutting and machining steel. Cobalt-60 is a radioactive cobalt isotopic tracer used extensively in medicine, agriculture, and industry.

What are four examples of metal?

sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, aluminium, iron, cobalt, copper

What are 2 radioactive isotopes that make them useful?

Two examples are: carbon-14 and cobalt-60.

Which trace element is essential to human?

Several examples are: selenium, copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt.

Is cobalt chloride the same with cobalt dichloride?

Cobalt (I) chloride = Cobalt monochloride = CoCl Cobalt (II) chloride = Cobalt dichloride = CoCl2 Cobalt (III) chloride = Cobalt trichloride = CoCl3

Can cobalt be combined with other elements?

Yes. Cobalt forms many salts and some other compounds as well.

Can the element cobalt be mixed with any othe element?

Yes. Cobalt (Co) can be reacted with most elements. Here are a few reactions:Cobalt + Oxygen --> Cobalt OxideCobalt + Sulphur --> Cobalt SulphateCobalt + Iodine --> Cobalt IodideCobalt + Chlorine --> Cobalt Chloride

Who did discovered cobalt?

Cobalt was discovered by Calvin Legette in 1735. Some of the most common uses for cobalt are: Blue paint for ceramics and glass, Magnets, and cutting tools. Cobalt salt can also be used as an anti-corrosion material.

Examples of an isotope?

Cobalt-66 is a isotope that does not occur naturaly but is used in the food industry to sterilize produce.

What are 5 solid elements on the periodic table?

Examples:: aluminium, barium, nickel, cobalt, thorium, wolfram.

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