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Q: What are some examples of ecotourism?
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What are examples of human environmental interaction in Argentina?

Some examples are slash and burn which happens a lot in argentina by cutting down trees and burnig it.

What are the two types of ecotourism?

The two types are: the mass ecotourism and the alternative ecotourism.

Using named examples explain how ecotourism encourages sustainable development in an LEDC?

ledc= less econemicaly devoped contries

Is visiting location to enjoy the unique plants animals of that region called?

I think it's ecotourism.

What are some problems with so-called ecotourism in travelling?

Charlotte amies

Could you give me some example of ecotourism in Spain?

park guell

What is an example sentence with ecotourism?

This country will quickly benefit greatly by the introduction of ecotourism.

When was Ecotourism Society Pakistan created?

Ecotourism Society Pakistan was created in 1997.

How does ecotourism help animals?

Ideally, ecotourism helps animals by giving local people a financial incentive to take care of their wildlife. For some people, the only income source available is environmentally destructive; the choice is kill the endangered species or watch your kids starve. Ecotourism gives them another choice. It is important to research ecotourism programs, though; not all of them work well.

Why might some people practice ecotourism?

people practice ecotorism to attract tourists

Problems with so-called 'ecotourism'?

Ecotourism can create things like pollution, traffic, e.t.c

How does Subic promote ecotourism?

The International School of Sustainable Tourism holds the Subic Ecotourism Festival.