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do you mean in the jars and stuff will there are pickels,peas,and there are so much more but if you have kids and your traveling you can take chips or biscuts.

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Q: What are some examples of packed meals?
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What are some examples of unfinished comparisons?

'Makes meals healthier' Healthier than what?

Why meals for passengers in flight are pre packed?

just to provide convinence

Why do you eat packed meals?

People take packed meals with them when they are going somewhere that does not offer other food sources, or sometimes just to save money, since food bought in restaurants is often more expensive than food that you prepare for yourself.

Are prepared meals delivered to your home daily?

"Depending where you live, many places offer delivery of freshly prepared or pre-prepared frozen meals. Some examples are Schwans, and Zone Diet. Meals on Wheels delivers meals to the homes of senior citizens and other homebound people."

Examples of one dish meal?

Chili con carne, beef stew, and seafood paella are examples of one dish meals. chili crab,chicken stew,curry chicken are examples of one dish meals

What kind of packed meals to enjoy?

My Name is Afzal I enjoy every type of food there is out there and anything I weigh 600 pounds

Where can I find some examples of weight loss meal plans?

If you go to you will geet ideas on making meals to help stay or become healthy. Also, will give you healthy meals

What are some low carb meals?

There are many options when it comes to low carb meals, some examples are: Grilled salmon and a green salad w tomatoes and olive oil, brocolli and steak, bacon and eggs, kabobs w meat and veggies, or lamb chops with apples.

What are examples of hyperbole in the book speak?

the hall sounded like a packed foot ball stadum

Where can I find out more about bariatric meals?

The website provides recipes and meal planning for your post op life. Two keys to remember is that you need to get enough protein and calcium packed into the small meals that your stomach now requires.

What are some examples of family tendencies?

Some family tendencies are: the tendency to argue (or not to argue); the tendency to help each other (or not to help each other), the tendency to eat meals together (or not to eat meals together), the tendency to share (or not to share), the tendency to worship together (or not to worship together), etc.

How do you use nutritious in a sentence?

Means having lots of nutrition. "The boy's mom always made sure his lunch-box was packed with nutritious meals."