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Q: What are some examples of personification in everyday use?
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Hw do you use personification for a dog?

Pluto and Snoopy are good examples.

What are some examples of integers we use in everyday life?

The price of something,The Weight, the size of things etc.And this can be some of the examples:[(-6)+(7)](4)(-6)these are examples of decimals

What is personification for refrigerator?

Personification is an incredibly useful literary device that is used in sophisticated literature as well as everyday language. In this article, we’ll give personification a simple definition and why writers and filmmakers use it in their work. Let’s dive in. What is Personification?

What are some examples of everyday use of integers?

If you brush your teeth 3x a day and you floss once a day, how long do you take?

How are similar triangles used in everyday life?

we use triangles in our everyday life.while constructing buildings,different chain modals,cookery items,etc. are some examples of triangles that we use in our everyday life.

Give some examples where you use the base 2 system in everyday life?

Light switch. Almost any on/off switch you use is base 2.

What is accidental personification?

It is personification without meaning to use personification

Examples of ratios in everyday use?

Many people use ratios for many reasons in everyday things we preform. Cooking, for example, because you have to measure the ingredients.

What are examples of 2 ways people use science every day?

You use science in different ways such as 1. It is around you everyday. 2. You use science tools everyday too.

What are ten examples you use negative numbers in everyday life?

buying goods at the store

Provide five examples where you can use constructive criticism in your everyday life?

This assignment you have to answer. We can't do it for you.

What are common reaction that happen everyday?

There are many products that we use every day that are developed with a chemical reaction. Some examples of daily chemical reactions are; medication, the use of a propane grill and breathing.