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What are some examples of point source pollution?

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Two examples of point source pollution would be:

Factory smoke

Waste being directly dumped into rivers and/or oceans

Overflow of raw sewage

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What are some examples of non point source pollution?

road run off

What are some examples of point source pollution in North Carolina?

Smoke from burning brush, chemical wastes, and gases from agricultural industries.pipe carrying sewer treatment discharge

What are some examples of land pollution?

examples of land pollution are dumping urban waste matter on to legal roads

What are some examples of human environment interaction in Pakistan?


What are some examples of a gaz gaz solution?

Some are smoke,air,farts,pollution

What are some examples of lake pollution accidents?

litter thrown in the lake

What are some examples of polluntants?

Some examples of pollution could be the oil spill it affected the sea life and birds all around

What are some examples of aesthetic pollution?

Some examples would be like litter, billboards in scenic places, dirty rivers or streams, overhead wires and so on and so forth. Examples of asthetic pollution would be almost anything that ruins the beauty of nature.

What are some results of air pollution?

Some examples are smog and the ozone hole. It can also cause medical problems~ "In Air Pollution Can Hinder Heart's Electrical Functioning, it was found that air pollution can significantly and negatively affect the ability of the heart to conduct electrical signals in those who have coronary artery disease" source~

What are some examples of a delta?

what are some examples or a delta like erosion deposition pollution or condensation

What are some examples of human disturbances?

Human disturbances of the environment include noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution and just plain old destruction of the environment.

What are the most common pollution issues nowadays in the Philippines?

what are some comon noises of pollution i need 15 examples !!! help me please is urgent

What are some actions human can take to reduce or eliminate pollution to your water source?


Why are phosphate detergents banned in some areas?

Phosphate detergents are a source of pollution for waters.

What are some differences between point source and non-point source?

See the related questions below

What are some examples that show us that fossil fuel is bad?

Pollution and the destruction of the environment.

What is point source pollution?

Point source pollution is related to emissions that can be easily identified with a single discharge source.Water pollution that is discharged from a discrete location such as a pipe, tank, pit, or ditch.Point emission sources are generally considered to be fixed (immobile) facilities that produce gaseous or particulate atmospheric pollutants.Some examples might include:* smokestacks,* vents,* sewers,* small fires, and* exhausts from equipment. * Fossil-fuel (coal, oil, natural gas) or* biomass (wood, waste, including yard waste and metropolitan solid waste and pelletized sewage or animal waste sludge, waste-generated methane)* fired electric generating plants * Portland cement and* lime kilns and plants * Heavy industrial and petrochemical plants such as* refineries,* steel mills,* smelters,* ore reduction plants,* plastics plants and* chemical plantsTypically, smaller sources of emissions are not considered as point sources and the definition is quite vague. Mobile emissions sources such as automobile and truck engines are not considered to be point emission sources. They are considered as non-pointpollution.

What are the chemical reaction that cause pollution?

Chemical reactions are sources of pollution. Some examples of these reactions are: combustion, burning of fossil fuels and acid rain.

What are some examples of environmental pollution?

There are a number of environmental pollution sources. A few are crude oil, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, phosphorous, and sulfur.

What is river or sea pollution?

Dear The some toxic waste/unwanted source mixed this source( river, sea ). These source create unusable or more combination means pollutions.

Some examples of physcial properties are?

Luster melting point and freezing point and Density.

What are some examples of human caused pollution?

Greenhouse Gasses, Litter, Dirty Seas, Global Warming.

What are some environmental concerns of Romania?

Examples: flooding, earthquakes, frost, drought, land slides, pollution.

What are some environmental issues from a chemistry point of view?

Some environmental issues are atmosphere, waters and soils pollution.

What is a secondary evidence source in science?

A secondary source analyses and interprets a primary source. Some examples would be: a text book; the results for an experiment; or a website.