What are some examples of sectionalism?


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The Nullification Crisis.


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sectionalism is a partiality for some particular place.

People and loyalty is the best i have gotten

Sectionalism is sectional loyalty.

Sectionalism is loyalty to local interests.

The sectionalism that existed in the city made the prospect of positive change seem unlikely. The word sectionalism is a noun.

Sectionalism, States Rights, and Slavery

I have no idea what sectionalism means. (this could be a sentence;))

He shouldn't be here, he isn't part of our sectionalism.

1.(your answer here) 2.(your answer here) 3.(your answer here) 4.(your answer here) 5.(your answer here)

Sectionalism is when you show devotion and loyalty to your region. Sectionalism hurts the United States because it divides the nation.

What were some advantages of the South? What about North

i don't know how to spell the word sectionalism.

Sectionalism is the loyalty to a certain state.

Sectionalism can lead to separatism in a country. Sectionalism is one's loyalty to the interest of one's region of a country, rather than the whole country.

If im correct i would believe it is sectionalism.

Wilmot Proviso spurred a debate showing growth in sectionalism.

Sectionalism is an exaggerated devotion to the interests of the region. Sectionalism hurts the United States by the division of the United States and all the different cultures.

The adjective form for the noun sectionalism is sectionalist (which is also the noun for a sectionalist policy).

Sectionalism was one of the problems that led to the Civil War. It also led to the secession of states. Sectionalism is when you have pride in your own section.( north, south, west, and east)

Some of them are sectionalism, political factions, and foreign policy

loyalty to the interests of one's own region or section of the country, rather than the nation as a whole.

Sectionalism is focused on the state or local area, as opposed to the country. - true

The Gold Rush created sectionalism because of a population boom in California that forced Congress to address sectionalism. When people moved west to search for gold, they had settled also when they were not able to find gold.

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