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Q: What are some examples of superstitious beliefs in heavenly bodies?
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Examples of heavenly bodies?

planets, comets etc.

Why are heavenly bodies called heavenly bodies?

study of heavenly bodies

What are some examples of superstitious beliefs about celestial bodies?

Many would consider astrology to be nothing but a complex system of superstitious and otherwise unbsubstantiated beliefs regarding the positions of celestial bodies at the time of one's birth. In fairness, many intelligent and well-educated people are conviced that astrology is accurate and meaningful. I don't know if there is actual objective evidence supporting or refuting the claims of astrology.

Which shadows formed by heavenly bodies?

shadows formed by heavenly bodies

What is study of heavenly bodies called?

Astronomy is the study of heavenly bodies.

The study of heavenly bodies is known as?

The study of heavenly bodies is known as Astronomy.

When was Heavenly Bodies created?

Heavenly Bodies was created on 1982-05-31.

What kind of force is exerted on heavenly bodies?

gravitational force is exerted on heavenly bodies

Why is it necessary to study heavenly bodies?

its necessary to study heavenly bodies because we will know about this.

What name is given to the study of heavenly bodies?

The study of heavenly bodies is known as astronomy.

What Elements are named after heavenly bodies?

Cerium, tellurium and uranium are named after heavenly bodies. Other elements that are named after heavenly bodies are helium, neptunium, plutonium and mercury.

What is a group of heavenly bodies called?

A group of heavenly bodies is called a solar system. Heavenly bodies are the stars, planets, comets, asteroids, and moons of a solar system.

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