What are some examples of vivid adjectives?

Vivids are very descriptive adjectives that really paint a picture in your mind. Instead of lazy you might use lethargic or slothful, for example. Or you might describe the sunset as a "brilliant scattering of red and yellow hues glittering over the ocean." This (hopefully) helps you paint a picture of that sunset in your mind.

funny → amusing → hilarious
heavy → weighty → ponderous
well → adequately → expertly

Not vivid

The tree had red leaves.


"The world outside the window was in flames. The leaves on the pistachio trees shone fire-red and orange."

Not Vivid

Birds sang as the neighborhood began to make noise in the morning.


"A choir of chickadees and finches sang above the sounds of the quiet neighborhood waking up, the cars of people heading to work and to school, the clatter and thumps of the recycling truck, a dog barking, leaves rustling in the gentle wind, silence."