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Voluntary means that it is under your conscious control - you think about moving the muscle and it moves. Some examples would be your arm and leg muscles (biceps, triceps, quadriceps) and your tongue.

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Striated muscle that can be controlled voluntarily
walking and running etc.,,,

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Q: What are some examples of voluntary muscles?
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Examples of voluntary muscles?

give 2 examples of voluntary muscles?

Are your muscles both voluntary and involuntary?

There are some muscles that are voluntary, and some that are involuntary. If you mean like, the muscles in your arms, then those are voluntary.

Are there muscles that are both voluntary and involuntary?

yes. Two examples are your eyelids, and the diaphragm they are both voluntary and involuntary muscles.

What muscle is voluntary and involuntary?

skeletal muscles are voluntary. but cardiac and smooth muscles(some are voluntary) are involuntary

What are some examples of voluntary musles?

Wiggle your fingers - now watch yourself doing that.

What is the difference between voluntary and involuntary muscles and examples?


What are the 5 examples of voluntary and involuntary muscles?


What are examples of voluntary muscle?

Voluntary muscles are muscles you consciously think about moving, so stuff like Biceps, triceps, that kind of muscle.

Give examples of three types of muscles?

1 voluntary or skeletal muscles and smooth or involuntary muscles and cardiac muscles

Which muscles have striated muscle fibers?

The voluntary muscles show straited muscle fibres. Examples of voluntary muscles include those of hands, legs, eyes, mouth, face, etc.

What muscles are voluntary muscle?

Skeletal muscles are voluntary muscles.

Muscles that are under your control?

Muscles that are under your control are known as voluntary muscles. The arms, legs, and face muscles are prime examples, as they are muscles under your control.

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